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Rent or Buy home H1B visa

If you stay 7 years you will almost certainly come out ahead by buying a home. With low interest rates, your equity builds up quicker even though the payment is less. Visit my mortgage information page on my website. We are still seeing a lot of local innovation and company founders wanting to have strong connections to Silicon Valley. Of course unforeseen things happen. If the local housing market suffers a downturn you could potentially rent out your home even if you returned to India. Juliana Lee
December 16 2012

what should we do to sell a home that has had very little upgrading from it's original 1940's constr

I recently ran some numbers for a client of mine. They bought a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home and were thinking about remodeling. If they added a second bathroom to the house it would on average make the house sell for $75,000 more.Some upgrading can be very worthwhile...The other part of the decision is does someone have time to manage the upgrades?Talk with a realtor that can evaluate your home.Best wishes, Juliana Lee
December 10 2012

Selling Price is wrong

The property is for sale at $1,388,000. Please call if you have any questions. 650.857.1000
October 15 2008