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03/23/2015 - David Cai
Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $2.525M in Midtown, Palo Alto, CA.

My wife and I are both engineers in the bay area. As first time home buyers we really do not know much about this crazy housing market these days. We feel very lucky to have Juliana’s team as my agent and we successfully bought a single family house in Palo Alto in 2015.

We first met Juliana and Sharon in an open house and then had a few chats before they officially became our agents. They were very helpful helping us understand the basics of buying a house in bay area, they also provided a lot of useful recommendations on the style, location and other details.

We feel very comfortable working with Juliana and Sharon during the whole process: from background research, open house visiting, to disclosure review and the most competitive bidding stage. They are always very nice and patient answering all of our questions. In today’s crazy bay area market where houses can easily get over 10 offers in which some are all-cash, it really takes experience and strategy to finally get the house. We feel very excited that we can own a house in Palo Alto with their help.

I would strongly recommend Juliana and Sharon to my friends who want to buy houses in the bay area.

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01/16/2015 - jimjgao
Bought a home in 2014 in West Menlo Park, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Juliana and her team helped me close on a home for a great price in the highly competitive Menlo Park market.

As a first-time home buyer, I initially had no idea what to expect during the home buying process. Juliana Lee and her team member Prashant Vanka were consistently helpful and patient in understanding my needs and finding the perfect property.

Over the course of a year, I saw 30+ properties with Prashant in various Peninsula neighborhoods. We also made multiple offers. Each time, her team offered pricing advice that later turned out to spot on, while respecting my own financial limitations.

Finally, we found the perfect home in Menlo Park. I initially thought that we had no chance of winning the offer for this home, given how competitive the market was (and still is). But Juliana and her team pulled through big time. She advised me to make a pre-emptive offer, and took over the negotiations personally. The end result? We got a great deal on a great home in a beautiful neighborhood, even though our offer was not the highest one.

One of the primary benefits of working with Juliana is her strong team. As others have mentioned in their reviews, her team is a one-stop shop. Once we entered escrow, we moved at an incredible pace. Every member of her team pulled together to close in 15 days! This is almost unheard of, and a huge advantage in a competitive market such as the Bay Area.

Juliana and her team works hard. They are consistently in the office 9-7pm, and I've had many conversations past 8pm as well. They know the market inside and out, and consistently offer solid advice. I would highly recommend working with Juliana.

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12/27/2014 - therouterninja
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $1.275M in Mountain View, CA.
Primary point of contact: Sharon

Juliana and Sharon are absolute professionals. They have many connections, and are very data driven.

Before I met Juliana and Sharon, I went through 3 other agents, and lost out on 8 other bids. Juliana quickly pointed out that there were several things that were wrong with my other bids that the other agents didn't catch. She also seemed to just be well connected with the real estate market in general, and knew everyone and everything that was selling.

Their staff is very direct with you, and will never sugar coat things. This is a different experience from the other real estate agents that I've dealt with, and it caught me off guard at first. It's because of her we were finally able to win a bid after 4 years of searching/bidding. I later found out it was because of our clean bid, and Juliana's reputation, that we were able to edge out the other bids.

Later on, we ran into some other unexpected problems that threatened to interfere with the whole deal. Sharon and Juliana worked furiously to resolve before the closing date, and we moved in right on time. My wife and I were a nervous wreck, and their confidence helped us out in a big way.

Now according to my wife, I can be a very stubborn guy :) It took someone like Juliana and her team to set me on the right track to home ownership, and I honestly can't thank them enough for what they did, and would highly recommend them to anyone.

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08/20/2014 - zuser20140712195626278
Sold a home in 2014 in Castro City, Mountain View, CA 94040.

Go with Team Juliana; you will have no regrets! Juliana is one a of a kind and a great find! You can tell when it's a Juliana showing vs others. "You had me at hello" applies to Juliana. She enjoys real estate, the process, the rush and it shows! Team Juliana is super well choreographed. I am super picky and a control freak. Letting go is the easiest thing you can do with Juliana and team. It is a lot of anticipation and the machinations of it all - she simply knows what she is doing putting the client's interest ahead of everything else. I am super glad I went to a Juliana open house and found her.

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07/07/2014 - Sunny Phillies
Sold a home in 2014 in Santiago Villa Mobile Home Park, Mountain View, CA 94043.

I felt fortunate to have Juliana as my agent, and would definitely use her again. I was a reluctant home buyer with very little understanding of the Palo Alto market, and the fact I was selling at the same time made me extremely anxious. From the moment I met Juliana until everything is settled, Juliana has been a great resource. She walked me through the process, provided in detail for which steps I should take next, and introduced me to, what I believe, a good list of key contacts which enabled the whole process, e.g. home inspector, loan agent, decorator etc., to go smoothly. She is very responsive, I was able to contact her via email, phone or text message and receive prompt responses. I was always up to date on where I was in the purchasing/selling process and offered informative suggestions to many of questions (i.e. is it worth submitting preempted offer or tailoring price to attract potential buyers). Juliana was also prompt on time and personable, professional, and easy to work with. On top of all, her experience and persistence shows results, and we were able to purchase a home and sold our house within the same week! As a side note, from beginning to end, nearly the whole document approval process for both transactions was done electronically. All document signage and approvals were largely done without having to schedule numerous meeting times. Since I have limited off time at work, it was great working with someone comfortable with technology. If you are looking for an agent, there is no one else better than Juliana

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05/12/2014 - dew860
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Pacifica, CA.

I really appreciate you and your team's effort for putting our home in Pacifica under contract in a week and closed the transaction in less than a month, where our previous agent took more than 45 days with a lower listing price. You and your team are very professional to analyze the market and project for the listing and final selling price. I know your have put a lot of efforts in advertisement for the selling target before open house. We are so happy to see a listing price at $850K and final price at $925 with multiple offers for one weekend open house!

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04/28/2014 - eddy88698
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $925K in Campbell, CA.

Thanks for Juliana’s professional advice and bidding strategy, she helped us bought a new home in about 2 months in such a competitive market. We didn’t know much about buying a house in the Bay Area in the beginning of the process. Juliana’s team member guided us through the process with patience. She provided us several listings every week according to our criteria. We started understanding our preferences and narrowed down the searching area. It was a pleasant experience to discuss and to exchange opinions on the houses we saw every week. I still remember our first house bid for a house in Santa Clara. The condition of the house is not move-in ready in our opinion; we insisted to offer a number far less than what Juliana suggested so we can have some money for renovation. Although we had almost no chance to get that house, we still submitted an offer and went through the entire buying process. She thought this was a good chance to learn the process and the market. Of course, our offer was not accepted. The house was sold for $50K higher than our offer. After this process we knew Juliana was really good at information collecting and price estimation. The house bidding war becomes more transparent due to the valuable information she collects. After a couple more bidding like this, we finally got our first home. Actually, we didn’t offer the highest bid among all the offers but some items on the offer made us accepted. Juliana’s strategy on making an offer increases the likelihood of getting accepted without overpaying. After working with Juliana, I am very confident to say that she is really a reliable buying agent. I’ll be happy to recommend to anyone who eagerly wants to buy a new home.

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03/14/2014 - Steven w
Sold a home in 2014.

Met Juliana's team at an open house in 2012. Left my contact information as usual; I didn't expect much since I was not ready to buy a house by then. Surprisingly, I got a call from her on the same day. Got invited to see her bidding for her client. I was not totally sure what I saw until I put on my first bid for a house through a friend agent in 2013. I lost the bid for about $100k although that was still in my budget range. I realized that it needs more than just writing an offer to get the house that I want to live in in Bay area; particularly in the hot areas like Palo Alto. We are not buyers that have very deep pockets, but we want to give it a try.

We set up a meeting with Juliana in early January 2014 to discuss 'serious' plan to buy a house. Ironically, she forgot the meeting until we called her. Although my wife and I was disappointed a little, we had very good talk of many things that day. I think that she won our trust.

We went through 4 biddings with Juliana's team: Jenny, HSBC (Cindy Chen) before we got the best deal that we can afford. We make decision by ourselves based on the very good information and analysis from Juliana. As Juliana told me several times, her value is her ability to nail the deals in any difficult bidding wars. Everyone has his/her own taste and situation. As long as the buyers make their minds, Juliana and her team can and will find the best deal for them.

We highly recommend Juliana Lee and her team to anyone; literally every serious buyer no matter how much cash you have.

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03/11/2014 - didi7on
Sold a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $1.275M in Palo Alto, CA.

"If you want results, go for Juliana Lee"

In less than two months, Juliana helped us sold our two properties with multiple offers and bought a single family house in Palo Alto successfully that we can call it our home sweet home. When my wife and I decided to upgrade to a single family home in Palo Alto, we realized we needed help from a pro. Not any pro, but a pro champion. Juliana’s name seemed ubiquitous in the real estate industry, especially in Palo Alto area, so we decided to give her service a try. Our properties were sold at record high in less than a week. For the single house we are buying, she negotiated a 45-day closing contingency. This was a rare feast in a market that had limited inventories in the last few months, and all 3 transactions were connected seamlessly. We had to admit that it took us some times to absorb the shock after first meeting with Juliana. She did not try to sugarcoat the aggressive nature of current market. She told us what would take to achieve our goal in a very straightforward way, and the key things are to trust her, have patience and take actions. You have to trust Juliana if you are buying or selling houses because she is on your side, and she always puts your interest at first. Lastly, I want to recognize a real A-team Juliana built. In every steps of the way of our buying and selling, she had right team members and professionals to close the actions effectively and efficiently Again, when you’re buying or selling, if you want results, go for Juliana.

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03/03/2014 - hanafinalito
Sold a home in 2014 in Midtown, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

We know Juliana for more than 13 years. During the period she helped us buying and selling our properties a couple of time. Recently, I saw a beautiful house, but many people had eyes on it too. Juliana asked me whether I love the house or not. If yes, she would fight for me to get the house. I said yes, and she did get the house for us. At the same time, Juliana helped us to sell our old house, so the new house can be covered. Juliana's work was very impressive. She updated us with the news about the bidding and we finally got our dream house and got our old house sold. We trust Juliana to lead the process in every step. She is knowledgeable and very experience and will work the best for her client.

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