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02/02/2014 - elissaouyang
Bought a home in 2014.

Before I met Juliana, I always thought all real estate agents were the same. Juliana completely changed my mindset about what a good realtor truly is. She is definitely the top agent!

Although she may come across as being straight forward, I appreciated her honesty and her kind of work style is what is needed in such a highly competitive market like Palo Alto. At the same time, she didn't push me to buy anything I didn't feel comfortable with. In fact, she talked me out of buying a house that she did not think was worthwhile. That said a lot. She eventually found me a house in Palo Alto at a wonderful value and I am so thrilled!

This accomplishment was all because of her credibility, diligence and incredible wiliness and effort to help her clients. She also has an awesome team who provides amazing customer service for any questions or needs you may have relating to real estate transactions.

If you want to win in this hot housing market, Juliana is the agent to go to!

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02/01/2014 - talktoachere
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $2.175M in University South, Palo Alto, CA.

On a whim, I attended one of Juliana’s workshops a few months ago. Juliana’s reputation in Palo Alto is certainly impressive. In our first meeting, I voiced my concern that I could not afford to purchase a house in Palo Alto.

As a true testament to Juliana’s strong reputation and networking in Palo Alto, I was not only able to buy my dream home, but for $50,000 lower than the asking price.

In the last few months, I made a few offers, each with the guidance of Juliana and Jenny. Their wisdom and expertise of the market allowed me to make smart offers but they also knew when to PULL BACK.

Right when I was starting to lose hope in our search, Juliana and Jenny found my dream home. Having experienced first hand the competitive nature of bidding wars, I was very skeptical that my offer would be accepted.

It probably comes as no surprise that I’m writing to express my sincere appreciation to the “A team”: Juliana Lee, Jenny, and bank of America.

I’ve always dreamed of being a homeowner, but over the last 10 years, I’ve had to move around and establish temporary homes in multiple cities across the US. Finally in 2012, my dream job brought me back to the Bay Area. I was excited, yet very intimidated, to start the search. Like many new first time homebuyers, I quickly became discouraged given the fast-paced and competitive nature of today’s housing market.

Prior to the offer, I felt well taken care of, but little did I know that Juliana’s team extends to far more than just the search for a home. Juliana introduced me to Gus at Bank of America who was able to offer competitive interest rates compared to other lenders. Even during the holiday season, Gus worked after hours on my loan. Unfortunately a few days after my offer was accepted, Gus had to travel. I was nervous that my loan would be handed off to just anyone at Bank of America. But after my first meeting with Antero, any anxiety that I had was dispelled. Antero’s attention to detail, comprehensiveness and patience in answering even the silliest of questions was astonishing. He and his team including Concepcion worked at all hours to make sure everything was in place. Antero was very personable, so much so that I felt comfortable bringing up any questions or concerns that I had – and I had A LOT. Though there were a few bumps in the process, Antero always kept me in the loop, found alternative solutions to any problems that arose, and advocated on my behalf. They provided just the most personalized customer service that far exceeded my expectations.

It may be a while before I will be looking for another home, but without a doubt, I will be going to Juliana and her “A team.”


Ms. Chang

Palo Alto

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01/21/2014 - taweilou
Bought a Single Family home in 1996 for approximately $600K in Duveneck - St. Francis, Palo Alto, CA.

I met Juliana 20 years ago through my former employer who bought and sold home by Juliana. She stood out with how well she listened to me, her knowledge, and how she gave advice, but let me make my own decisions. I vowed to myself to stay with her until I succeeded buying a home. When I wanted to purchase my home in Palo Alto, I was a student who had just graduated from Stanford University. However, Juliana encouraged me to go forward and found a neighborhood with a cul-de-sac that I love because it was peaceful and not visited by strangers. With no real estate experience, I was very cautious about my purchase. I spent extra time to go around the neighborhood and tried to validate every fact she presented to me. In the end, I realized I spent time and energy researching and only discovered what she had already told me. We made a total of 13 offers before I made a successful offer. One and half months before I was successful, she urged me to increase the offer price to buy a home I liked which had an 8,000 sf lot. Even though I could stretch my budget, I didn’t want to offer the price she recommended because I was afraid of paying more than I had to. It was the biggest regret I have in my life because I later purchased my current home with the same price she suggested for the one I wanted, but the home I got had only a 6,000 sf lot. It was a costly lesson I learned. I’d like to say, if you’re working with Juliana, please DO NOT hesitate to take her suggestion when making an offer. With the experience Juliana has she will accurately tell you what it will cost to buy a home you want, and if you don’t want to regret your choice for the rest of your life, listen to her. I have kept her as my agent for the last 20 years. She helps manage my purchase which I kept as a rental property after moving out of state. She manages it like it is her own home, and I never have to worry about anything while living in Chicago with my family. I really appreciate her and would definitely recommend her service.

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11/04/2013 - xiang gu
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $1.95M in Barron Park, Palo Alto, CA.

We are writing this letter to express our appreciations to Juliana Lee, who was the agent for our house purchase in Palo Alto, CA. Throughout the entire process, Juliana never pushed us to bid for a house that we could have any concern, and she never suggested us to bid with an overpricing offer. We learned a lot about the market, and also become good friends with Juliana. We were relocated from aboard to the U.S., and only have been staying here for less than a year. The fierce competition of the house market really frightened us as the first-time buyers. We were worried about if we could find our favorite house in a short period and if we were able to get a reasonable price to own the house. Fortunately we had lucks working with Juliana Lee on the house hunting and bidding. Her insights into the market in Palo Alto area helped us quite a lot. Based on our family size and finance situation, Juliana gave us recommendations on the houses on listing that matched our expectations. More importantly, she always gave us accurate suggestions when we made a buying offer, without ambiguity. Now we have received the keys of our new house. We are satisfied with the house location, condition and price. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you and we will recommend Juliana Lee to our friends.

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Response from Juliana on 11/21/2013

A Big Thank You. I am very glad that your friend suggested that you to talk with me. It has been wonderful to work with you. I also am quite happy with the purchase we were able to make. It was an excellent purchase and should bring happiness to your family for years to come.



11/30/2012 - pentiumlxf
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $1.35M in Midtown, Palo Alto, CA.

Juliana helped us to buy a home in Palo Alto. Through her very professional service, we could get the offer accepted at a reasonable price in this extremely competitive housing market. Then her team paid attention to all the details to make sure that the escrow was smoothly closed in a very tight time frame. It’s especially worth mentioning that Jeff of her team gave us tremendous help in this process: accompanying us on multiple visits to the house, advice on home improvement, etc. After we moved in, Juliana followed up with us and provided a lot of excellent ideas on maximizing the potential of the home.

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Response from Juliana on 12/03/2012

Buying a house in Palo Alto has been stressful for many/most people. I am glad I and my team make the process smooth. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me.



11/22/2012 - user4850339
Bought a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $1.075M in San Carlos, CA.

I met Juliana at an open house in Palo Alto. Days later my wife and I went to her office to ask her to help us buy our very first home. It turns out to be one of few right decisions we have ever made in life. As we are sitting in the living room enjoying breathtaking views around us, we can't help but to reflect on our success. I am afraid a person has only one shot on a property so desirable in a life time. The key of our success is Julianna Lee, who not only patiently listened to our need, but more importantly was very frank with us about the real market condition. With her decades of experience and strong desire in helping both buyers and sellers, she formulated a winning strategy for us. Now we are the one occupying the property not any one else. In my mind, she is someone who studies well and practices ancient Chinese book called "The art of war" by Sun Zi. If you are buying a property desired by you but no one else, hiring any realtor will do. But if you want a property that is also desired by many, such as the one we bought, make sure you ask Julianna to help. The rest is assured. By the way, Julianna is not only highly successful in what she does: real estate, she is also a high profile donor to local school district, as I found out later. This is just as important a reason I recommend her and her team.

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11/08/2012 - user6837633
Sold a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $875K in Adobe Meadow - Meadow Park, Palo Alto, CA.

We are first time working with Juliana when we sold our home. Throughout the process, she is more than an agent to us. Her guest things as their own things to do. She is steadfast, responsive hard working and detail oriented. She worked overtime to deliver a thorough marketing plan. Plus people coming in for a hightly successful open house. To the end the selling price is at above asking price within short time. I like her one- stop service. From staging, painting, cleaning, inspection and so on, all of them very coordinated, save us a lot of time, and charges are very reasonabal. In all, we are most impressed by goodwill, which extended beyond her business. We would highly recommend Juliana Lee.

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11/06/2012 - user948760
Bought a home in 2012.

We are glad that we made a right decision to choose Juliana as our agent. She is very experienced and professional. Most importantly, she still works so hard, even for a small case like ours.

She leads a team working with high efficiency and taking good care of the client. We met with her for the 1st time in early July, and our offer was accepted in late July. Now we have already moved into our new home. We got our house at a reasonable price in such a hot market as Palo Alto. Her 28-year network in this field and her strong negotiation skill help us out-compete other offers. If you seriously consider getting a house in Palo Alto, you definitely shall go for her.

We also would like to say our special thanks to her team member, Marjorie. We are lucky to have her to do the whole house-hunting, offering and closing process with us. It is a great team you can trust. Highly recommended!

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11/01/2012 - user7292248
Bought a home in 2012.

We just bought our house at Palo Alto with Juliana and her team (especially Jenny). They have been of tremendous help to us in our house hunt. We had been looking for houses for months. We were very selective in our house criteria and they had been very patient with us, filtering open houses for us every week. We had weekly tour to the open houses, and their agent helped babysit our kids in the car while we're touring the houses. They pushed very hard for us during multiple offers. They gave us honest advice on whether the house was good or not, based on the neighborhood and their experience with Palo Alto, whether the house worked for our kids or not. During the month of escrow, their team helped us research and schedule various contractors, introduced us to the new neighbors. They had been very responsive to our requests throughout the entire process, working professionally with loan agents, escrow agents, insurance agents. I'd highly recommend Juliana and her team.

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10/30/2012 - user7373272
Bought a Condo home in 2012 in Greenmeadow, Palo Alto, CA.

Juliana's wealth of experience and insight was instrumental in helping us locate and select a home, and ultimately making a successful offer. She and her team (especially Marjorie) treated us as valued clients despite our modest price point, responded to us at our convenience and made sure the entire process was smooth and pain free. Juliana thoroughly understands the Palo Alto market and one of its best agents. I would highly recommend her if you plan to *successfully* bid for place in Palo Alto and its surrounding areas. We look forward to working with her again.

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