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What is minimum lot size to build in Heidelberg township lehigh ounty pa


You also need to research the taxes in Lehigh County! This is a very important factor! I've been working with clients that are getting out of Lehigh & moving to Berks County due to the huge tax increase/reassessment that has taken place. I also have clients that "can't sell" their homes in Lehigh County because of the taxes. New Construction creates the highest taxes for a home owner. Beware as you do your research.

are agent fees negotiable


IF you want to sell, you will pay the 6%, which is now split down to only 3% for each agent. Another agent made the point that your property will have less showings due to the lower co-op. There were very FEW cases where I ever agreed to less than 6%, and I actually received calls from agents saying, "If you agree to a 3% co-op, I will schedule a showing". Remember it's brutal out there for real estate agents. If you want a good agent, & want your house sold at the highest price possible, you will pay them to work 100% for you & compensate them for 3%. As another agent said, "you get what you pay for".

Job Switch


The best thing to do is check with your lender. I've have found with my FHA buyers that make a job change, that if they switch for a better job, it will not effect them.