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Best Suburbs To Live In Within a 30 Minute commute of NYC zip 10285

Hello, We are moving from Phoenix, AZ to NYC and our office is going to be around 200 VESEY ST, NYC 10285. Request info on finding a decent suburB to live in with the following filters: 30 Min door to door by train or ferry 2000 sq ft at a very minimum ( uh we are coming from phoneix) 1 Mil budget to buy with 300-500K cashdown. Thankyou for your consideration.

how do i find the value of my property


The best option is to go to Yahoo Real Estate, and then go to Home Values ( on top, next to find a realtor) --- input your home address, and you get the zillow home value of your home as well as the value of your home, between the two numbers, I find that you are usually with 10% of the actual value of your home. The other option is to ask a real estate agent for a CMA ( Comparative Market Analysis) of your property, most will willingly oblige and that is usually more accurate than Zillow or eppraisal.Hope this

Moving From New York


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