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    12/10/2014 - bhenderson631
    We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Midway, Temple, TX 76502

    My wife and I are looking to sell our current home and purchase a new home as our family has outgrown our current one and we need to upgrade. Initially my wife was doing a lot of the leg work and had found Justin on the internet. Before meeting with Justin my wife told me a little about him and I thought ok this should work. We signed an agreement to use Justin as our selling agent and set on a price Justin recommended based on comparable homes in the area that had recently sold. This figure was slightly above what we thought we could get out of the home but thought "hey, what the heck, we'll see if we can get more!". After about a 2 months with little interest it appeared we/Justin had overestimated the market. We lowered the price by $10,000 which was around more of what we were expecting. Interest increased and we got an offer! We settled on a price just below the new asking price which was right in line with what my wife and I were expecting however we did have to cover $5000 in buyer's closing costs. Now my understanding of the buyer's situation is not 100% but I do know that they were working with Justin directly as there was not a second agent involved. Justin assured us the sellers were in "good hands" as he had set them up with his preferred lender. We went through the process of allowing access for multiple inspections and were about 2 weeks from closing only to find out the lender was unable to finance the buyers. Now again I am not 100% on the buyers situation but it seemed like a lender should know from the start whether they can finance a person (or persons in this case). In the meantime of this catastrophe we had secured a contract to purchase another home. We were in full on scramble mode at this point as we did not want to lose the contract on the home we were going to purchase. Justin recommended we lower the asking price by another $10,000 in order to try and sell it quickly. This was below our ideal price by $5000 but we really wanted the house we had under contract to purchase. We soon got several lowball offers as it seems the buyers had knowledge of our desperation to sell. We were faced with the ultimatium of selling our home for almost $40,000 less than the initial asking price (and a full $26,500 less than the appraised value) or missing out on our dream home. After comptemplating leaving that much money on the table it was really a no brainer. We had to back out of the deal to purchase and have since recontemplated selling our home as this headache just doesn't seem worth it. This has been the most stressful nightmare of a transaction as it it possibly could have been. I feel that Justin overestimated the market initially and then when the initial buyer fell through he attempted to get us to sell for less just so he could close the deal. We have since broke ties with Justin and will look to list the home again next Spring.

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    Response from Justin on 01/17/2015

    Hi BHenderson, Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with a real estate professional, however, I'm afraid you have the wrong person on your review. I don't even list homes in Midway, TX (I am a member of TBBOR and FHAAR.) If you would like help with resolving this issue with the proper person, or would like a powerful agent like myself to help you sell your home, please give my office or myself a call so I can help direct you to the proper individual/company and show you what my office has to offer with selling your home next spring. Look forward to talking soon! Additional Comment: I have not heard from you regarding this review, I ask that you please contact me so you can clarify who you are as well as work to resolve this issue. I also see you have Midway, Temple, TX. Again, I have never listed homes on Midway and, specifically, have not ever been in a situation as you have described, again please contact me or my Broker directly.



    11/05/2014 - 1Satisfied Customer
    Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Belton, TX.

    My husband and I could not be more pleased or impressed with the quality of care and service Justin Bennett provided us throughout our house purchase experience. The whole process was smooth and seamless thanks to Justin’s diligence, expertise and professionalism. Justin’s listening skills, natural memory for details and follow up ability allowed us to find the perfect home in a short period of time.

    Justin was polished and punctual to all appointments and was prepared for each requested showing. Justin took the liberty to research the requested neighborhoods and intricacies of each home. Justin always had the seller’s disclosures on hand for each property and took initiative to research other listings that met our criteria. In addition he was very knowledgeable in regards to comps in the area. We never felt rushed on any of the showings or appointments and could tell that Justin truly had our best interest in mind. If we asked a question he didn’t know the answer to, he would always follow up with us quickly. Justin was always very clear and concise with all written and verbal communication.

    Justin took the liberty to advise and guide us through the whole buying process and anticipated what questions we may have along the way. Justin would always take initiative to keep us up to date on where we were in the process and what was to be expected next. He was always dressed professionally and polished and was very confident with all negotiations, which as a buyer gave us peace of mind. He attended every aspect of the process to include the home inspection, septic inspection as well as closing day at the Title Company. We could not be happier with the exceptional quality of service and care we received. We highly recommend working with Justin and will not hesitate to recommend him to our friends, family and neighbors in the future!

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    Response from Justin



    11/25/2013 - user6357426
    Bought a home in 2013.

    Justin Bennett Is The Best Realtor I Have Ever Worked With, He Is Very Attentive To Your Needs, And Such A Likable Person In General. His Personality Is Top Rated As well As His Knowledge Of Selling Houses. I Would Highly Recommend Him (and Have) To Anyone Looking For A Great Realtor And Someone Who Takes Personal Interest In Your Needs And Gives Full Attention To What You Want As Well As Your Needs. 5 star All The Way!!

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    11/22/2013 - JessicaJ2014
    We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Fort Hood, Killeen, TX

    Looking for investment properties in the Ft. Hood, Texas area I contacted Justin Bennett after finding him on the Internet. On the phone he was very knowledgeable a it real estate and helpful and answered all my questions in detail and thoroughly. We discuses properties within the 200k area, and his thoughts on finding a unit suitable for renting, perhaps a unit which could later be renovated to accommodate 2 or 3 rental units. All in all, great service! Thanks!

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    Response from Justin



    11/18/2013 - joomarsolutions
    Showed home in 2013 in Heidenheimer, Temple, TX 76501.

    We were looking for a second home in the Temple area, and being from out of town, we thought this would be a challenge. A friend of ours from the area recommended Justin to help us out, and he definitely helped to make it easier for us! Justin was very responsive and answered all of our questions. He has good knowledge of the area and was able to find and recommend homes that met all of our needs. We would definitely recommend Justin to a friend.

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    Response from Justin



    04/27/2013 - user2388524
    Showed home in 2013 in Temple, TX.

    From the start Justin was very responsive to my e-mails and phone calls and did his homework on all places we viewed. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable about both the Temple and Belton areas. He worked with our schedule and was always available when we needed him. We highly recommend his services.

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    Response from Justin



    01/26/2013 - user6694555
    Sold a home in 2012.

    Justin was able to help us in our real estate needs when we really didn't think we could do it. He was able to answer our questions and give reasoning to his answers as well. I was very satisfied with my results and we sold out home for more than what I wanted to net!! Thank you Justin!!

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    Response from Justin



    08/18/2012 - user3019922
    Showed home in 2012 in Heidenheimer, Temple, TX 76501.

    Justin is very knowledgable and helpful andswering many of my questions and even a list of others that I had not thought to ask. The area was new to me until he took the time to show me around different homes and properties and pointing out different things that Temple had to offer along the way. I would definitey recommend him to any one I know or just met.

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    Response from Justin