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KBSimons wrote:

How do I restart the counter for how long the house hasdc been listed?

We have a realitor, they say house is great market is bad!  On quiet road 100 ft lake access, dropped price 70,000 from original asking now below assessed value by 25,000.  House is being cared for by landscaper so curb appeal is good and consistent.  Not looking to fool anyone but why should it show time that we took it off the market as part of the days for sale.  THis was over 100 days and the house was not up for sale at that time.I am an honest person, but have a house where jobs are scarce and houses for sale are many.  I think you need to look closer at this and rethink your abrupt response.Kathy  
July 20 2011
How do I restart the counter for how long the house hasdc been listed?
We took the house off the market but you never changed this number even though you promised to?
July 18 2011
I purchased a showcase ad new zip hoping for 2nd home buyer but used the same ad did I goof? How ad?
I used the identical ad that I used in our local zipcode as I did 3 hours downstate,  How should this ad be worded?  Is there a special way to attact people for vacation home?  Our house is in a great place for summer we have lake rights, winter you could ice fish, snow shoe, . We also live 1 mile from Glimmerglass state park where you can camp or swim or ice skate and tube.  Please show me the way to be more exacting with words.  Sit in the hot tub after a water ski or snow ski??
April 20 2010
Cooperstown NY
If the house is not selling do you think we should rent it out?  How long should we wait?  Summer weekly rentals here are big...would that be a better way to go?  Dreams Park sends lots of kids to Cooperstown each week. We worry about damage and not being able to show it to prospectove buyer???
April 10 2010
Do you think an open house helps you sell the house?
People say it is a way for busy bodies and some to case the house.  This is a great deal of work and prep but we want to sell our house!
April 08 2010