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Will my listings that are fed attach to my profile if I change my email?

My listings have never attached to my profile.  If I change my email address under account settings to match the one used by Century 21's feed, can listings that have already been fed be linked to my current profile?  I did not realize that an account was created using the email address Century 21 sends with the feed.  I never activated that account.  What is the easiest fix?  I changed my email address today to match the feed. 

My listings are showing on Zillow, but are not attached to my profile.

My listings are fed from Century 21.  Century 21 provides a vanity email that I have set up to forward to another email address.  This is the only email account I use and that is what I provided to Zillow.  How can I get my listings attached to my profile?  Can Zillow store my Century 21 email account in the background and allow me to list the email account I use on my profile so my listings will attach to my profile?