- Highly likely to recommend
02/27/2014 - dannyzollars
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $1.3M in Mid City West, Los Angeles, CA.
We began our home buying search without a ton knowledge of the Los Angeles area. We narrowed it down to the west side and we needed an agent that had great experience in that area. We couldn't have been happier to hire Kate Bransfield as our representative as we started our search in West LA. Kate and her team were unbelievable throughout the process. Within an hour of agreeing to work together, we were on the mls system and receiving notifications on properties in the exact range of what we wanted. Once we decided on our property, we received every market report you could ask for which helped us make an informed decision. Once in the process, Kate maneuvered beautifully and we always felt we were making the right decisions. Her knowledge of the process, market and her positive attitude made this a stress free purchase. I would highly recommend Kate and her team to anyone looking to buy or sell in the LA area.
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- Highly likely to recommend
12/25/2013 - em14
Bought a home in 2009.
I bought my first home with Kate in 2009 and, sparing the hyperbole and cliches, I literally could not have done it without her masterful help. After holding my hand for over a year as I shopped and made careful (yet rejected) offers all over Santa Monica, I finally found a home that was right for me. Not once during my long shopping year did Kate ever pressure me into doing anything I wasn't comfortable with. When we did find the right place our patience paid off and our offer was accepted--- much to my financial benefit. Unfortunately, the escrow turned out to be a logistical disaster--- the seller living over seas, often without phone or FAX and not speaking English. Kate navigated the impossible and when I had given up hope, she closed the deal. I'm still in my home, happy and content, and owe a great deal to Kate's professionalism and friendship. I have recommended her numerous times to friends and acquaintances--- which I think is the highest praise one can give.
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Response from Kate


- Highly likely to recommend
12/16/2013 - zuser20131216103110237
Bought a home in 2011.
Kate helped us find and buy our home in Santa Monica. We worked with a few agents for a few years before Kate.

We decided to switch to Kate because of the following reasons:

Kate lives in Santa Monica. We felt it would make a difference to have a realtor who lives in the local area where we wanted to buy. She lived close to the properties and was more assessable than other realtors.

Kate is involved in the local community has extensive knowledge of the area and is aware of potential changes. We were moving from another city and this was very helpful for us.

Kate was a top realtor in Santa Monica (in terms of revenue and bookings) indicating she had a network of clients, insight on new market inventory ,and could close business.

Kate is aligned Caldwell Banker so that meant she had more tools than smaller realtors.

Kate reinvests in her business as evidenced by her extensive marketing and outreach in Santa Monica. This indicated to us confidence in her own work. Kate is a very hard worker and personable.
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Response from Kate


- Highly likely to recommend
12/13/2013 - lkurata15
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $9.425M in Santa Monica, CA.
Kate took me through the sale of my beloved home where I raised my children, into a temporary rental property, and finally through the purchase of my current home. The process initially was overwhelming for me, but Kate was able to help in so many ways in dealing with the details that needed to be addressed, and helped to make a very difficult move for me manageable. She went above and beyond my expectations, and I consider her a true friend, and a wonderful example of a very capable, knowledgeable, honest and hard working agent, looking out for my interests, with sincere concern to help me through some key decisions to reach my current home. I would definitely use Kate again for my future real estate needs.
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Response from Kate


- Highly likely to recommend
11/21/2013 - user89891234871
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $3.275M in Santa Monica, CA.
We worked with Kate for over 3 years to find our house. She never lost patience and encouraged us to wait for the right house. In that time, she also found us a great condo to rent and showed us many off-market properties. We dragged her all over town (even out to Malibu) and she always made time for us and did so with a smile. In addition to the great help she provided, we were even more pleased with having added her as a friend. Although not looking for a house anymore, we still see Kate regularly as a good friend. We would recommend her to any looking for a real estate agent in Santa Monica".

Ali & Nate
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- Highly likely to recommend
06/21/2013 - user3495391
Bought a Multi Family home in 2008 for approximately $750K in Santa Monica, CA.
Kate has helped us with two separate RE transactions. I really wouldn't go with anyone else in Santa Monica either as a buyer or a seller. She's not in the business or getting a commission. She works to build life-time relationships, and that is what you want in an agent. Not one that is here today and gone tomorrow.
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Response from Kate


- Highly likely to recommend
02/24/2013 - user2308175
Bought a home in 2004.
Kate was fantastic in all regards: Efficient, thorough, great negotiator, and very friendly and helpful. When we sell, we will use her again. What was specfically great for us as first time buyers was how patient, how instructive, and how savvy she was. The process was a breeze.
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Response from Kate


- Will never recommend
02/09/2013 - user5013244
Sold a home in 2013.
Kate gives one a very good first impression, but after she gets you to sign a listing agreement, the smiles are gone, and so is Kate.

She lied and misrepresented herself and the truth repeatedly. Telling a client that "someone from my office will be at all future open houses" and then discovering that no one from her office was attending to the open house is - a lie? A mis-statement of fact? A mis-representation? Telling the client she would ensure that all offers would be accompanied by an application for a loan through a particular lender and then not following through is another example of her over-promise / under-deliver approach. One could could easily call see this as another example of lying, mis-representing the truth, or being deceiving.

She dumped 95% of her duties on her two assistants whose own competence is questionable. The vast majority of her emails regarding the status of escrow or negotiations or viewings or offers are not even sent out by Kate, but by one of her various assistants, who often missed simple details. Specifically, many emails never reached the client due to poor email processes, even after being told of this issue repeatedly. Other details included asking for signatures on forms that already had been signed, asking for forms that were completely unnecessary, and completely ignoring other messages. Kate's poor communication skills included outright hostility and rudeness during several phone calls; her attitude and vitriol were completely uncalled for. Lastly, just as escrow was about to fall apart, she left town for ten days and did not even inform the client; thankfully a very helpful escrow officer informed and consequently saved the deal.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with Kate. Please, do yourself a favor and chose someone else. Kate is all about Kate, all about the volume of sales, and not about helping you in any way. If you sign with her, be prepared to do most of the work on your own. Be prepared to be left in the dark. Be prepared for incompetence at every stage of the process. Be prepared to be disappointed.
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Response from Kate on 05/06/2013
I understand that this Seller was frustrated. Her unit is in a building which was a TORCA conversion & the original owner of the building, still owns too many of the units as rentals, which the lenders will not allow. We were able negotiate a high price, but the unit did not appraise at that price. All very frustrating issues for the Seller, but were of the making of the appraiser and the original building owner. It was only through my patience and knowledge that the escrow was able to close. Which it did.


- Highly likely to recommend
09/21/2012 - user7857290
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $3.2M in Santa Monica, CA.
I would highly recommend Kate Bransfield to anyone who is looking for a house in Santa Monica/ West LA. She is highly knowledgeable, and patient. She knows that it takes time to find just the right house and doesn't try to rush you into anything. It's a pleasure to work with her.
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Response from Kate


- Highly likely to recommend
09/21/2012 - user500076
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $4.275M in Santa Monica, CA.
Kate did a terrific job as our broker. She is very knowledgable about the Santa Monica market and I would highly recommend her.
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