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should I, pay for a house the price the agent is asking for????


Eberganza, there is no blanket answer to your question. What you should offer is a function of many factors, how well priced the property is, how strong your offer is in other respects, the interest level on the property and the motivation of the sellers just to name a few. Working with a buyer's agent who is familiar with the market and can give you advice based on all these items is a good start.Best of luck to you on your property search! It is great time to be in the market!!

comparable sales


In my area, property records are available on the county website and one can search for sales during a certain window. The details of the property are displayed, but there will not be photos. You could also call a REALTOR and ask if he or she will assist you in pulling some comps for you from the MLS. This would probably be most hopeful and there are certainly agents out there who would be happy to help you and build a relationship with you.