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Why the Zestimate of thie property is much lower than its neighbor at the same block

I am considering buying this property (1147 Calle Amapola) and visited it last weekend and really like it. After viewed your website (referred by a friend), I am wondering why Zestimate of this property is much lower than the others two houses (1159 Calle Amapola & 1048 Camino Del Cerritos), inside this gated community even though these 3 houses have the same sqf (2655 sqf, 4b/3b). Okay, you may say the lot size matters, but the lot size at 1159 Calle Amapola is a little bigger than the one at 1048 Camino Del Cerritos, however the Zestimate of 1159 Calle Amapola is $794,000 and $845,000 for 1048 Camino Del Cerritos. How can you explain this? Why the bigger lot size house gets lower Zestimate of $51,000 than the one has smaller lot size in almost same block? This indicates the lot size isn?t the key to affect the Zestimate conducted on these two houses. Therefore, I am wondering why this property (1147 Calle Amapola) is $42,000 lower than its neighbor (1159 Calle Amapola)? Is there any hidden secrete you know but I can?t see which results in the big price difference for the houses with same sqf at the same block? Can you let me know ASAP to help me to make a wise decision? Thank you very muchKatherine