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12 business days till closing and more docs needed....approved?????


Unfortunately your loan is not 100% approved until you get the "clear to close" which usually happens several days before closing.  Don't worry though, what you're explaining is VERY typical of the loan process right now.  Banks ask for LOADS of documentation up until you get the clear to close.  Unfortunately this is a sign of the tight credit market that has resulted from the declining real estate market over the past few years.

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Whats are all the additional expenses/payment I should expect when buying a condo?


If you're doing FHA or VA financing I would first make sure that the association is VA or FHA approved.  With credit being so tight right now, some buyers cannot get financing on certain types of condos.  I would also check the history of the condo dues to see how much they have increased over the years.  Condo dues will more than likely increase as time goes on to account for additional maintenance that needs to be done on the community.