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Purchase Price of the house $100.000. How much earnest money?


Typically one percent is the standard. However, I have quite often had the sSeller accept $500.00.   The bank wants to make sure you are a serious buyer and its harder to walk away from $1,000.00 if you change your mind.

My house is incorrectly noted as having been sold


To correct this information,you will need to contact your local county public records department.  The information utilized to collect information for Zillow statistics is obtained through local goverment agencies. Contact your local department of statistics or "GIS" the correction should then update onto the Zillow site.

Why is my zestimate so low??


The zestimate takes into consideration comparable homes sold in your Neigborhood in recent months, your amenties will add value to home as well as the location of your lot,   Zestimate is to be used as a guide,however any updates etc.... will adjust your price accordingly in the market. Keep in mind appraisers will look for homes of similar quality,construction and amenties when evaulating your home.Kathy DessimozPrudential NW Properties