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My house has been for sale for 200 days, why haven't I sold it yet?


The laws of selling homes is fairly basic. When they don't sell, it's because of price or property (condition or location etc). A professional should tell you whether there is something undesirable about your home or if it's just over-priced.

What do you believe are the biggest home seller mistakes?


A seller not doing their homework before hiring an agent. How many homes did she or he sell last year? It should be more than 5 or 6! Would you go to a doctor who was only working at it part time, seeing patients 3-4 times a year? I'm amazed at people hiring agents without any day to day experience or substantial market knowledge. The market is flooded with new agents - don't be there test case. An experienced agent is working full time, doing multiple deals a month. They have the experience to negotiate the best deal for you, without leaving your money on the table.

How do I obtain all of the paperwork that is necessary to sell my home without a realtor?


Remember you get what you pay for. Each city and county may have their own statutory required forms that would not be covered by CAR forms etc. Tfhese forms are required by law to be included in transactions . Since we are the most litigious state in the nation, you are best off with a realtor or real estate attorney who has expertise to provide all the correct forms and who even carries insurance for any errors or omissions that are made.

House recently showings?


Don't panic! Fridays are the best day to come on the market, but not all weekends are great. School and sports may be starting back up, football season began. All sorts of things can affect showings the first weekend out. 2-3 weeks into it and still no showings? Then it's time to look at the price and the property. Good luck!