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Looking to buy a 3+ bed 1.5+bath home on contract at last resort (Anderson, IN)

We are not having any luck with information from a local motgage lender. Have not heard back from them in several weeks. i assume that is not good news :( My husband and I are looking to buy our first home. We are a young married couple with children. I have not so great credit bc of student loans and such, which I am working on cleaning up, my husband has nearly no I am thinking a contract sale may be our only possibility??? (not sure) I have looked into several first time home buyers sites but cannot figure out how to even get started..I finally was able to get a reply from a live person with Fannie May, who reffered me to the local Mortgage agent, but again have not heard anything for awhile! our current lease is up in the next 2 weeks! We do not want to rent any more! We want to provide a stable and promising future for our children. Can ANYONE HELP? Thanx for anyones time in advance ~Amanda

What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-QJKLNFH?

My husband and I are looking to become first time home buyers, we have no agent, I have a lower credit score while he has almost no credit history. I have spoken to a local mortgage agent, who has not gotten back with me for several weeks about possibly being pre approved for a loan, I am unsure how else to get the ball rolling...Does anyone have any advice? Or would be willing to take the time to help a young married couple with children, looking to create a stable atmosphere for the future of our children..