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Kelly DeBrosse wrote:

Can we lay laimnate hardwood in the living room & kitchen, but keep the dining room real hardwood?

I must strongly agree with Dale Parr, not only is it a turn off, if you have pets you will be disappointed that they hold up only to a degree - In fact they are not considerably cheaper either.  When you have a scratch on the laminates you cannot sand and fix it - for long term value, resale value and for the best aesthetics use real hardwoods.  If you need an inexpensive quote I can help you with that.  9 out of 10 buyers will prefer real over the laminate so don't be "sold" by the vendors (they make more $$ on the laminates).  Also, as mentioned before, even when gluing the laminate, water damage is very likely in a kitchen - even a small dishwasher mishap will cause bubbling - it's very costly to fix.  Looks like the concensus is do not use laminates - hope this helps!
July 20 2011

how do i calculate what is the value of my house?

The best way for a consumer who isn't interested in speaking with an agent yet is to compile a few details about your home such as: age, size, #bedrooms, acreage etc. Then, look within a 3 mile radius of your home for ssold homes over the past 90 days that are very similar to all of those criteria.  The 3 most similar will be your 3 most close prices and your home should fall within those three sales. Does this answer your question?
July 15 2011
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