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I need help finding a home in Dallas TX


If you can't buy with qualifying for a FHA loan, then wait. Be smart and build your credit and cash reserves. Pick any 1 Realtor and work with them only in finding a rental house.

Trend for price/sq ft in 75024


Hire any 1 Realtor for a fee for that information. Your asking for a lot of information and time required to gather it.

Investment advise in Plano/Allen areas? Owner financing vs Renting?


Pick 1 Realtor and work with them only. You should also do you due diligence and determine if you want to take the risk of investing in Real Estate. Your basically asking us to give you free advice and then you determine if you want the risk or not. That is why I don't work with investors, not loyal and not realistic in the returns they should be getting.

Doing the 'leg-work' for the realtor using Zillow.


You need to hire 1 Realtor and be loyal and honest to them. Only Realtors get inventory, solds and other info. If the price point is small you will find it hard to get a a Realtor to help. Houses are selling in a day or so. We are extremely busy. Some price points are not worth our time or efforts. Just bring honest. So hire a realtor.