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Where to I find value estimates for commercial property (apartment buildings)?


Costar is a great site for comparables on commercial property.  Since there is a fee to use this, you may want to consult a commercial broker and have someone working as a buyer's agent for you.  They will be able to provide you with these comparables and help you make an informed purchase decision.  If you are seeking financing on your purchase, the appraisal is a good negotiating tool as well once under contract if the appraisal comes in below the accepted offer price.

what happens if te house you are trying to buy appraise for less than the asking price ?


1) You can attempt to renegotiate with the seller  2) Have your realtor and lender review the appraisal to make sure there are no errors and proper comparables/ adjustments were used.  An appraisal review can be asked for or the appraisor may change their valuation based on your information provided.3)  Your lender can order a second appraisal to see if the underwriter will consider the new appraisal.4)  If the seller is unreasonable,  you may need to walk away from the deal and retain your earnest money.