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07/03/2014 - guerita33
Bought a Condo home in 2014 in Gatewood, Seattle, WA.

First, let me say that I've known Kevin as a family friend for years. For almost as long as I've known him he's been a Windermere real estate agent, and this being my first home purchase, I wanted somebody I was comfortable with.

That being said, Kevin absolutely BLEW me away with his professionalism, expertise and work ethic.

When we first looked at properties, he didn't shy away from pointing out positives AND negatives. It became clear to me that he's not selling me anything, he's solely looking out for my best interest. We got to know through that process what I was looking for, what my deal-breakers were, and what I was willing to sacrifice on.

Once I fell in love with a place, he displayed his negotiating skills and how hands-on he was. Kevin did his homework and we were able to make an aggressive offer. We ended up negotiating at 10pm on a Monday night. Then Kevin worked during his vacation and getting an offer accepted at 15k below asking and closing costs. I was elated!

It didn't stop there. This was a government-owned property and we were expecting a slow process. That didn't happen. Kevin (poor thing) ended up working again during his vacation. Reviewing and emailing me contracts to sign late in the evening. He didn't let anything sit, was proactive and did everything in real time with diligence and attention to detail. Once he got back, this carried on through the inspection and closing.

Kevin was thoughtful, genuine, knowledgeable and professional every step of the way. But what I think I appreciated the most was that he never claimed once to know it all. He let me know what research he did, thoroughly explained any recommendations he made, and put me at complete ease about the decisions I was making. He never treated me like a "friend", he never assumed anything, never was casual about the process. He took me and this investment I was about to make very seriously.

Between Kevin and my mortgage broker (Trevor Bennett, who I was referred to by my sister), buying my first place was almost too easy and effortless. I will never hesitate to refer Kevin, or choose him again in the future. There's a reason he's been doing this for so long!

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05/19/2014 - PaulVazquez
Bought a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $350K in Magnolia, Seattle, WA.

Working with Kevin to purchase my first home was a pleasure. He has a great knowledge of the Seattle real estate market, was very helpful in educating me about the home-buying process, responded promptly to my questions and correspondence, listened to what I actually was looking for, and his savvy negotiation skills helped my first offer get accepted in a very competitive market.

Kevin knows Seattle inside and out. When we'd drive through the neighborhoods to visit properties, he would point out particular houses that he had either sold or helped his clients buy. He would remember details about his former clients. He knew all of the restaurants in the neighborhoods that we would visit, and would point out the neighborhood gems in each of the various places we toured. It's not surprising that he was on House Hunters; it was clear that he has been doing real estate in Seattle for quite some time as he knew the pros, cons, and trends of each neighborhood in which we looked.

Kevin was very helpful throughout the entire process. He always returned my correspondence promptly, and patiently educated me about the home-buying process. I always had a good idea about what to expect next, which is reassuring when you are making such a big decision.

One particular area in which Kevin impressed me was in his ability to listen to me and help me figure out what I was looking for in a house. I honestly didn't have a great idea of what I wanted at the beginning of the process. Kevin asked me questions and took careful note of what was and was not important to me. For example, on our first day of visits I noticed that a lot of the places had high HOA fees. I told Kevin that I really wasn't interested in places with high HOAs. On the next day of visits all of the properties had absolutely no HOAs. Fantastic. He did this with several other criteria, and because of this we were able to find a house that I liked within a couple of weeks in a market with very low inventory.

Kevin also did a great job in negotiating our offer. We were in a very competitive market and had to beat out one other deal to get the property. Kevin walked me through his logic for getting an idea of where he thought the other offer would fall, and based on this reasoning we made an offer that ended up getting accepting. When closing, he negotiated to get some credits for repairs that saved me quite a bit. He understands how to negotiate and tries to do the best for his clients.

Above all, Kevin is genuinely a nice person. While his professional skills are very strong, what really made the difference was that he truly listened and got to know you on a personal level. I highly recommend him and will be using him for future real estate dealings.

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07/02/2013 - imadavis
Bought a home in 2009.

Kevin is absolutely the best real estate agent you could ever hope for! I've purchased homes in Florida, Orange County, and Washington with different realtors before finding Kevin and and can say that my experience with Kevin is by far the most pleasurable. My wife and I didn't buy an expensive house, but he took the time and had the patience as if we were buying a multi million dollar home. Kevin is truly interested in making sure you find the home that is a fit and is willing to take the time to make that happen. Kevin also made himself available all hours of the day and really involved himself in the purchase as if he was making the purchase for his own personal investment. You'll love the personal ownership and pride he takes in his work and you will absolutely buy a home that you'll love. I'd recommend Kevin to anyone I care about and anyone that will listen. He's a true gem that knows how to make a stressful experience easy and fun.

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06/13/2013 - Jared E.
Sold a home in 2013.

I have had the pleasure of Kevin representing me as agent personally for 7 successful real estate transactions over the course of the past decade and referred him to many friends & colleagues over the years. We have all came to the some conclusion- Kevin is everything you could want in a broker, or any professional for that matter. He is personable, professional, straightforward, listens to your needs, represents you like a fiduciary and works hard to get results & best prices. Kevin brings years of experience to the deal, as well as great business sense & home/construction knowledge. He is quick to return calls, makes you feel highly valued, and is an all round good guy. I highly recommend Kevin as a real estate professional.

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06/06/2013 - user22482006
Bought a Condo home in 2008 for approximately $275K in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.

Kevin was a great help when I was shopping for a condo a few years back. He was quick to point out the positive and negative details of each unit. A lot of the details he mentioned I never would have considered if I was shopping on my own. His feedback and great insight really helped me make an educated decision.

Always quick when replying to Emails and phone calls, Kevin was in touch and kept me informed of the steps / details as we went through the buying process. As a first time home buyer, it was great to know what was happening.

When negotiating the home purchase, I really felt that Kevin was working hard to get me the best possible negotiated price.

Overall, Kevin is a great agent. When I am ready, I will certainly use his services again.

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05/01/2013 - user2001370
Bought a Condo home in 2010 for approximately $500K in Belltown, Seattle, WA.

Kevin is the best real estate broker I've ever worked with. He knows more about Seattle then anyone. I was so happy when he found our home and negotiated the best price. Today its world far more then our original investment!!!! I would recommend Kevin to anyone! Best Real Estate guy ever.


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04/22/2013 - eiger77
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $550K in Redmond, WA.

Kevin helped us buy and then sell our first home and buy our second home as well. With his help we got our first home below asking price, at time when a lot of sellers weren't accepting lower offers. And in 2012 we sold at full asking price when a lot of sellers were taking less than asking! Kevin gave us some very useful tips to get the house ready and it sold in only 3 days.

For our 2nd home we were looking across a wide area on the Eastside of Seattle. Kevin knew quite a bit about all the cities and neighborhoods that we were looking at. He was patient with our long buying process. He listened and paid attention to our comments and got very good at predicting the homes we would or wouldn't like.

Kevin did a good job of preparing us for what to expect at every step. I was very nervous about buying and selling a home in 2012 but with Kevin's help we ultimately got everything that we wanted.

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01/24/2013 - user7748719
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $250K in Burien, WA.

Last fall Kevin helped me purchase my first home. Being a home buying rookie, I knew little of the process. Kevin explained and walked me through everything, answered all of my (many) questions and in the end got me a great deal on a house that has quickly turned in to a home that I love. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of buying/selling their home. There was nothing he was unable to answer for me and his response times are fast. So wonderful to work with. Thank you Kevin!!

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01/02/2013 - user6746222
Bought a Condo home in 2009 for approximately $475K in South Lake Union, Seattle, WA.

I used Mr. Donovan several years ago for a home/condo purchase. He is resourceful, detail oriented, responsive and KNOWS the Seattle market backwards/forwards/inside out.

Initially, we were set to close on a brand new townhouse in Fremont. Unfortunately, the builder ran out of money and was forced to go into foreclosure at the eleventh hour. It was a huge downer for me, but Kevin rallied and found an amazing deal on a brand new luxury loft just 2 blocks from my office!

We negotiated the price well below asking AND he got them to completely put in brand new expensive window coverings - it was a dream transaction and a great recovery for me!

I also have a small business; Kevin helped me negotiate several key points when it came time to renew my office lease. My rent dropped $1000/month with ZERO increases for the next 5 years - a huge win for my business!

He has a kind heart with his clients, yet he is a strong and canny negotiator to get the very best value for any kind of deal.

I strongly recommend and endorse him as a real estate agent.

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