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Can a seller deny a buyer an inspection?


If you are using a Realtor and they used the promulgated TREC contract, paragraph 7A. states "Seller shall permit buyer, and buyer's agents access to the property at reasonable times"

I signed outdated real estate forms. Does that invalidate the contract?


I agree with Joseph.  The changes are usually minor, but Realtors are usually charged with using the most updated promulgated forms, but I don't think it makes the contract unenforceable or invalid.  You WILL need to consult an attorney for specific legal questions. 

are rates higher on investment properties?


I agree.  Most investment properties will come with higher rates and larger down payment requirements.  Run good numbers on the property and you may still have a good investment opportunity in the long run.

High DTI.... Will we qualify?


I would think there would be no issues in getting a loan.  My suggestion is to call several lenders and let them educate you on specific loans and rates available.  Then you can narrow it down to the lender you want to use.

First time home buyer


First: ask your friends & collegues to refer you to a lender or two. Next: call the lender and ask about first time buyer programs they know about and the best type of loan for your specific situation. Then: find an experienced Realtor that works in the area you would like to live. They will guide you through the rest of your transaction.