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Kim Bergin wrote:

Do I need a broker or agent when buying a brand new home from a builder?

Absolutely!  The builder has agents that work directly for them (the seller)- generally in the model home, etc.  You need an agent to represent you and your best interest as the buyer.  Look for an accredited buyer's agent -with an (ABR) Designation. The Buyer's Agent may also recommend certain types of inspections to be done prior to closing, as a contingency in the contract.  Speaking of contracts and paperwork- everything must be in writing and it is considered a legal contract once all parties agree.  With all of the forms, disclosures, documents, and legal-ease, you would want someone to explain it to you and what your obligations are as the buyer/purchaser.  They can also help write certain things in the contract, that benefit you!  They can look up recent sales, concessions the builder gave, etc. 
September 07 2012