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09/09/2014 - konekochan
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $200K in Iowa City, IA.

Kim was always responsive when we needed her help and went above and beyond to make our move as smooth as possible. She is honest, forthcoming, and a pleasure to to business with. She did not put any pressure on us and helped us to make difficult choices with her expertise. Highly recommend.

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08/09/2014 - SaraKnox1
Bought a Single Family home in 2003 in Iowa City, IA.

When my husband and I started looking for a house, we tried several realtors. I think that because we were young and didn't drive nice cars, the realtors didn't take us very seriously. Kim was different. She was very responsive, worked really hard for us, and never made us feel pressured. When we picked out our house, she pointed out details about the house (such as a hole in the wall and a unique light fixture in the basement) that we should consider writing into the offer (fixing the hole and leaving the light fixture) which we would not have thought of otherwise. She made our first home purchase smooth and pleasant.

Since that time, my desire to look at houses has never left me, and this is where Kim has been incredibly sweet. I have called her a couple of times when a particular house that I like has gone on the market and she has shown them to me. Even when I'm not actively on the market for a new house (and she knows that) she responds immediately and takes as much time with me as I need. She is still wonderful about pointing out historical details and flaws that might have missed my notice.

I feel very lucky to have found Kim. I recommend her to anyone.

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Response from Kim on 08/12/2014

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad I helped make it a pleasant, low stress experience and that I can continue to be a resource for real estate related questions. Your continued trust and confidence mean the world to me.



08/08/2014 - all purpose 29
Bought a Condo home in 2014 in Iowa City, IA.

Kim was absolutely amazing! My husband and I were relocating from out of state and Kim was gracious enough to answer any and all questions I had via phone or email (and there were LOTS!). When I was going to be in Iowa City and available for showings or wanted to walk through the progress of my home she made herself available. After an offer fell through she worked with me quickly to get an offer in on the last available unit that we were wanting. Additionally, we encountered multiple hoops that needed to be jumped through to get the deal signed and she never gave up, was always positive, and was completely looking out for us the entire time. We consider her a friend for life now and will always recommend her and use her services in the future! Can't say enough about her great attitude, availability, knowledge and helpfulness.

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Response from Kim on 08/11/2014

Thank you so much! It has been fabulous helping you accomplish your home dream here! I knew from the minute we met, we'd be a good team and friends for life!



08/08/2014 - pd93z b11x3yptycdzo
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Iowa City, IA.

Kim helped me buy my first home. She was adept at finding homes that met my criteria, and was not afraid to tell me about aspects of homes that went counter to my long-term goals. Great responsiveness and quick to get viewings for new listings that popped up fitting my buying criteria. Would recommend!

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Response from Kim on 08/16/2014

Thank you so much! It was my privilege to help you navigate the home buying process and accomplish a big life goal! You were so clear and focused about what you were looking for, yet completely open to suggestions and being flexible with the specifics. Truly a pleasure!



08/07/2014 - user25620504
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $150K in Coralville, IA.

Kim was recommended to us by friends that had recently purchased a home. The first house we put an offer on was a short sale, and Kim walked us through the fine print of buying a house on short sale. She also recommended that we put in a final purchase date, should the sale take longer than expected, which would release us from the purchase agreement and allow us to put an offer on a different house.

It's good that she did recommend it, as three months after our initial offer, we were informed by the seller that the sale may take up to three additional months. As we had to move out of our current rental, this was unacceptable. We were let out of that agreement since we had a final purchase date in our initial offer; however, we had exactly 35 days to find purchase a new house before we had to be out of our rental.

Here is where Kim really shines. As soon as we knew that we needed to find a new house, she booked house showings for us immediately. We saw a ton of houses the next day, and any house we found on Zillow, she made sure we could see. We really could call/text/email her at any point in the day/night to set up a house showing. She was excellent during this very stressful and difficult time in our house search.

We did find a cute, perfect house for us on the third day after numerous house showings. Even though it was a Sunday and she had been busy with family all morning, she took time that night to write up our new purchase offer and submit it to the seller that night. By Monday we had a counter offer from the seller. Kim was very thorough in walking us through what type of counter we should give, as well as what in the house needed to be inspected by professionals. She arranged the house inspection, pest inspection, water proofers, and radon inspection to come out to the house in a timely matter. It is thanks to Kim that we were able to move into a house that we adored before we had to be out of our rental. Kim was really great throughout the house buying process, and she is really well connected, so inspectors are timely and working with the bank was a breeze since she is well known and respected.

tl;dr Kim is really wonderful. She makes sure that inspections are done in a timely manner, and works fast when it's crunch time. I highly recommend her, and she is respected by inspectors and bankers, which makes house buying smooth.

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Response from Kim on 08/09/2014

Thank you so much. You were lovely to work with and so considerate and thoughtful. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you. It was my pleasure to help you find your first home and navigate what was unfamiliar territory. We worked together and were able to get the home of your dreams! Congratulations again.



05/15/2014 - zuser20140515050850722
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $300K in Iowa City, IA.

I bought my house in 2008 through Kim, and sold it 6.5 years later with her help, too. Kim is a wonderful realtor, with an incredible amount of expertise and compassion for clients' needs. When I bought my house I had No idea how to navigate the paperwork, negotiations, or anything related to purchasing my first home. Kim was encouraging and knowledgeable throughout the process, and responsive to even my most naive questions.

As a long time Iowa City resident, Kim brings an incredible amount of local knowledge about area neighborhoods and histories of houses. Over the years I have also checked in many times for local recommendations for small jobs and she always has great references for local contractors.

This year I had a lot of stressful life changes happening at once (and buying/selling a house already is stressful but also finishing a graduate program, being on the job market, and moving across the country). Kim came over a few weeks before it went on the market to figure out what needed to happen to get the house ready. We real-talked all of the aspects of selling a home and she was patient with (again) my naive questions and concerns as a first time home seller. I was shocked (and pleasantly surprised) that the house was on the market for only a few days before an offer was made, and accepted. Wow! Her attention to detail, aesthetics, and being conscientious of people's needs is extraordinary. Thank you Kim!

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Response from Kim on 05/16/2014

It has been such a priviledge to work with you on both Buying, Selling and transitioning across the country too! It's wonderful people like you that help me love what I do! Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughtful review.



05/07/2014 - Debsieben
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $400K in Iowa City, IA.

I knew immediately that Kim was looking out for our best interest and not just looking to make a quick sale. She's very knowledgeable about the different areas and schools. We definitely would recommend her.

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Response from Kim on 05/09/2014

It was my privilege to work with you and your family. Thank you for your kind review and for placing your trust and confidence in me. Welcome to Iowa City!



05/06/2014 - mr joshua james
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $175K in Iowa City, IA.

Kim excelled beyond our expectations. She worked with us, visited homes for us, video taped places because we were out of town, and made multiple visits to our eventual home ro insure the previous owner had met our requirements.

Can't recommend Kim Forsythe enough!

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03/28/2014 - callananglen
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $550K in Coralville, IA.

Kim took my call on a Saturday morning when a few other agents didn't even bother to respond. We were in from Chicago and had a short window. She met with us assessed our needs and found us a great home. Kim is professional, thorough and very kind. You would be well served by having her as your agent.

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08/01/2013 - user5949546
Bought a Condo home in 2013 for approximately $175K in Iowa City, IA.

I gave Kim a list of 5 things I was looking for in a home and she worked endlessly at making sure each objective was met. I ended up with the perfect home for me. She responded to every email/phone call/text instantly. On top of this, even after the purchase, Kim has continued to be a wonderful resource in helping to answer all of my questions regarding my loan and real estate information. She is a fantastic real estate agent and even better person. I would recommend her to anyone. I will certainly be using her when I decide to sell my home down the road.

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