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How does central air conditioning affect resale value?


From past experience, the majority of my buyers ask what is the age of the roof, heating & A/C and hot water heater. If they're older, they deduct the cost they'll need to budget for, and then make a slightly lower offer. I would encourage you to invest putting it in.

Is email a legal document?


Yes, emails are legal documents.If you would list the property, you could have your real estate agent mention in the property description "Tenant Occupied until last lease date."  There could be buyer's out there that want to move, but want the flexibility of knowing they can settle at a much later date.  Many situations come up for buyers who can't move right away such as:1) Some Buyers want to wait until the kids are out of school.2) Job transfer will not be for several months.3) Buyers who are currently renters, are waiting for their lease to be up as well.  4) A Buyer wants to move, but their credit is not too good, so they need a few months to get it cleared up.If you plan to sell, it could be a good idea to at least get it advertised for buyers who may be keeping an eye on the property to see if it's still available for when they're ready to move.

Does the Rent Zestimate include utilities such as heat, electric, water, etc?


I would suggest you talk to a rental agency.  There could be many variations as to how a landlord has his rentals set up. Special incentives (like the utilities) could be included based on length of lease or the time of the year that you sign up. Each landlord is different, which would result in the Rent Zestimates varying.

Can we afford our first home?


Talk to your loan officer or real estate agent to find out if there are any areas in your town that qualify for USDA loans. If you qualify, it's 100% financing with a fixed interest rate. Then if you ask for seller's assistance too, you could have your seller pay your closing costs!!!Here's the name of the website. USDA Income Eligibility. First pick a house you like. Then go into this site. To the far left, where it says PROGRAMS, click on Single Family Housing (if you want a single family). ACCEPT the Property Eligibiliy Disclaimer. Then Above where it says FIND YOUR ADDRESS, type in the full home address and click GO.  The site will pull up the home address on the U.S. map and will read:  This house IS located in an eligible area or This house IS NOT located in an eligible area.

Zillow estimate wrong


Zestimates are not accurate because they're estimates of your search area, not one particular home. One piece of information entered inaccurately or correctly, can make a Zestimate swing upward or downward drastically.  Just to give an example: Zillow does not recognize updates to a home or the reason a home owner is selling.Scenario #1: You have a home owner who needs to move quickly due to a job transfer. They don't have a lot of time on their hands, their home as zero updates, they need to move quickly, so they drop their price for a quick sale so they can move on with their life.Scenario #2: There's a home that is an estate of someone who has passed away. The home is very dated and the family members want to sell it quickly. The executor drops the price for a quick sale.Scenario #3: You have a homeowner who put on the new roof, new heating & A/C, updated the bathrooms & kitchen. Their house is staged perfectly in neutral colors, clutter free, and it sells for a higher price.Right there, the Zillow Zestimate for the neighborhood could easily swing up or down by $50,000!