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04/18/2014 - ebeb
Sold a home in 2014.

Looking for a Realtor who can do it all? Kirk's your man!

Since we met Kirk almost 2 years ago, Kirk helped us sell our house in Oakland and helped us buy a house in Alameda. Thanks to Kirk, the sale of our Oakland house was effortless... he managed every last detail. All we had to do was move out... he did everything else.

With the Alameda home search, Kirk had his hands full dealing with me and my husband. My husband and I have radically different concerns, priorities, and styles when it comes to buying a house. Kirk was able to juggle it all. Notably....

- Kirk came highly recommended from a friend who rarely does referrals

- Kirk was able to handle hubby's financial concerns, respecting our fluctuating price ranges and not once making us feel pressured to buy - Kirk was unflinchingly patient through 7 offers and nearly 2 years of looking. (This was a hard market to buy in ... lots of demand, very few houses available.) He never tired of the process!

- Kirk was extremely responsive, answering our calls/emails at any hour of the day/night

- Kirk was flexible. There were times Kirk would ride over on his bike within 10 minutes of us calling him from a random open house to answer our questions and see the house for himself

- Kirk would get on hands and knees, in crawl-spaces looking for even the slightest imperfections. He did everything he possibly could to ensure a house had no surprises.

- Kirk was unfazed by indecision (e.g. "now we want 3 BR, now we want 4 BR, now we want Bay Farm, now we want East End, etc.")

- Kirk respected our busy schedules, doing as much as possible on his own, getting us involved only when we needed/wanted to be - Our long-term happiness with the home is critically important to Kirk. In his words... "I live in Alameda. I will be seeing you around town. I want you to have no regrets."

- Kirk went above and beyond, even helped with some aspects of the house after the purchase went through.... arranging for some screens and windows to be fixed, putting a contractor lock box on house for workers coming through house after the purchase, etc.

My husband and I would use him again and would recommend him to anyone in the area looking to buy or sell.

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04/14/2014 - user0737240
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $525K in San Leandro, CA.

I met Kirk briefly on my first visit to the East Bay, in the very early stages of considering accepting a relocation, to California, from NYC.

Immediately upon making the big decision to move here, I contacted Kirk and arranged to spend a day with him (on my next trip out) to get a lay of the land and begin to understand the market. He couldn't have been more helpful, more pleasant, more professional as he drove me around the East Bay, taking me into a variety of homes, helping me understand the nature of this marketplace.

To make this story short - and cut to the happy ending part - we moved out here in late-February and called Kirk (having stayed in touch over the course of the previous few months).

He showed us a house, we fell in love with it (and its potential), the negotiations began, and, well, we closed in 38 days. Phew!!! In that short time, Kirk crawled in crawl spaces, poked around the over-grown back yard, introduced us to an amazing home loan officer, helped us source a some needed contractors, exhibited the patience of a saint and the tenacity of marathon runner, has given insights and history lessons and has made us very happy homeowners in a landscape that we knew very little about.

To summarize - Kirk Knight is amazing at what he does, is a great guy, an absolute professional, and you would be crazy to work with anyone else.

Call Kirk immediately if you want the home buying experience to be positive, productive, professional and enjoyable.

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06/20/2013 - dogguy1550
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $650K in Alameda, CA.

Let me begin by saying that this was not an easy home sale. We put our house up for sale as the only asset of note in a highly contentious separation. He took us on as clients knowing that we were in the middle of litigation over the house, and that contractors needed to be brought in to finish 2 major renovation projects.

Kirk managed the renovation and got the house on the market for us. By the time of the listing everything was completed and looked beautiful. He got us far more money for it than we ever hoped. In spite of the legal shenanigans Kirk was a stellar professional. He remained impartial and often went the extra mile for us. Twice he delivered documents to me in Berkeley when I didn't have time to pick them up.

Where Kirk really stood out was after the house closed. The day we signed the final papers at the title company (in different rooms... did I mention contentious litigation?) he not only joined us, but volunteered to try to mediate a settlement for us. After the papers were all signed, and therefore Kirk was already guaranteed his commission, he stuck around and mediated a settlement. I don't believe it could have happened without him. He was late to dinner with his wife because he didn't want to see any more of the profits go to lawyers.

Kirk is a paragon of honesty and integrity, and will be my Realtor in all future transactions.

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11/02/2012 - user516567
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $775K in Alameda, CA.

Zillow review: Kirk Knight

Trust is key when you buy one of the biggest purchases of your life, your home. As first time buyers we met Kirk Knight by chance, when we looked at a home with “possibility”. We saw the opportunity and he shared with us the realities. He gave us contact names of individuals who could help us decide if we wanted to go forward on this venture. Renovating this fixer-upper had the potential to involve BCDC, Army Corp of Engineers, and lawyers. Ultimately, we decided it didn’t fit for us (and he agreed). He guided us through the thought process of this possibility. We never felt we were being ramrodded into a fast deal for his quick sale.

Instead, Kirk Knight worked 8 months with us to find the right site and place. He got to know us. He helped us get in on the ground floor before the house was listed. He help us newbies through the Real Estate process, both logistically and emotionally. The emotional quotient of buying a home is not a small factor in seeking a compatible agent to work with you.

Kirk is smart. He brings a broad breath of intelligence, and knows how to navigate the undulating and perpetually moving terrain. Kirk answered all our questions, multiple times, with patience, perspective and humor. Humor is essential to this complicated process.

He provided us competent people (like Debbie at the Title Company) who together, worked to make sure we don’t make mistakes in the process that might have set back the entire sale. He went the extra mile (literally) and drove our Final papers over the bridge to get them before a 5pm Friday deadline. And he does traverse, flashlight in hand, down to the bowels of the home, looking for the leaky pipe next to the electrical panel, the rotting beam, or the remaining traces of asbestos.

On the first day that we met him, he said this, “I live in Alameda. I want to sell you a home that when I see you at the grocery store or at the 4th of July parade, we can happily chat. I don’t want to see you and feel I have to duck around the corner, because you were unhappy with any aspect of this process.” We are in debt and happy; perhaps, an oxymoron, made possible by the good relationship and experience we had with Kirk Knight.

We would recommend him to our family and friends. And who knows, maybe in a few years, we’ll buy another home with our daughters. When that happens, we’ll seek his expertise and the pleasure of working with him.

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06/06/2012 - pixelviewer
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $575K in Alameda, CA.

I was an immense pleasure working with Kirk.

When I first met him, I was impressed with his level of professionalism and honesty. He really made it very easy for me to understand the whole process. I needed a realtor who had excellent knowledge of Alameda and he was extremely competent in this area. He provided great advice and was able to really explain all the business and technical aspects of buying a house.

The house I purchased was a short sale and Kirk managed the process extremely well. His negotiation skills were top notch.

I highly recommend Kirk and it was a great pleasure working with him.

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06/03/2012 - user7393572
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $350K in Eastmont Hills, Oakland, CA.

My wife and I were LUCKY to have found Kirk a few months ago when we decided to buy our first house. Kirk doesn't give the slightly slimy vibe that I've gotten from other agents. On the contrary: there was never one moment when I felt that he was not representing our best interests.

He is quite obviously extremely intelligent, but what is more impressive is his willingness to crawl under the house, poke around the attic, and use his considerable experience, expertise, and network of contractors and engineers to ensure that we understood exactly what we were getting into.

We just closed a very complicated, drama-filled transaction on a house in Oakland. Without a doubt, it was his grounded, stable, and proactive approach that allowed us to overcome the obstacles that got in our way.

Finally, it's worth noting that Kirk was extremely responsive through the entire transaction.

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06/22/2011 - Lindsay Whalin
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $475K in Alameda, CA.

My husband and I are grateful to have found Kirk Knight. After two years of fruitlessly searching for our first home in Alameda, we switched realtors and luckily chose Kirk. He found us the house of our dreams within a month! It is clear that our happiness and financial security is of paramount importance to Kirk. He has patiently educated us in all aspects of the home finding and buying experience, so that we are confident in every decision we have made. He has far exceeded our expectations, researching and following-up into the wee hours of the morning. Our loan broker even took the time to let us know how impressed he was by Kirk’s efforts. Somehow, he also managed to make this stressful experience fun. I honestly think you cannot find a better realtor in Alameda than Kirk Knight.

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04/20/2011 - Alex022
Sold a Single Family home in 2010 in Clayton, CA.

My wife and I would like to express our sincere appreciation of knowledge and skills that Kirk demonstrated representing us during the process of selling our house in Alameda. From the very first meeting Kirk emphasized the fiduciary duty of an Agent and the results showed us what Kirk meant. Kirk was able to organize the transaction that was a win-win for both buyers and sellers, the result that in our opinion borders on magic. Kirk achieved these results by developing the right selling and advertising strategy, properly identifying the buyer’s profile, and revealing the best features of our house by skillful staging that was done according to his guidance.

Kirk knows the real estate market. His analysis of comparable sales and his estimate of the selling price were right on target.

Working with Kirk provided us with an opportunity to interact with a delightful person who understands the challenges of selling your home. Kirk was tactful and firm when necessary but never pushy.

We will highly recommend Kirk to all our acquaintances. As a matter of fact we already did this on several occasions.

We are sure that Kirk will have many clients that will agree with everything written above

Alex and Galina Bogomolets

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03/24/2011 - kkoster79
Sold a Single Family home in 2009 for approximately $525K in Alameda, CA.

Kirk is an excellent realtor, but he isn't just a realtor, he's a make-your-first-home-buying-experience professional. Kirk just goes above and beyond what any realtor would do. He made the experience pleasurable, incredibly straight-forward, and he's on your side.

My wife and I bought our first home, and after reviewing a few realtors, settled on Kirk as he personalized our tastes into the selection process. Other realtors showed us everything and anything available, and most didn't even know the house, the layout, nor the history. Kirk won't show you a house before he's been in it himself, done the calculation whether its financially feasible, and knows the history on the house, the neighborhood and the neighbors. He's inspected it himself and knows the history of Alameda very well. He's able to list the pro's and con's before you walk into the place, so that you enter the place without getting emotionally attached, if the structure should have faults.

Buying a home, especially for a first time home-buyer, is a very difficult, arduous, strenuous and not to mention emotional process, and you want not only someone on your side, but you want a friend you can count on, a confidant you can be assured by and someone to guide you through the process as painlessly as possible. Kirk Knight fits that description through and through.

When it comes time for me to sell my house, I'm listing it with Kirk, and will hopefully buy my next house with Kirk.

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03/04/2011 - laner haner
Bought a Condo home in 2009 for approximately $400K in Alameda, CA.

Thank goodness I chose Kirk as my Realtor. He put my best interests first in the purchase of my condo: explaining the process clearly, giving me valuable info on similar property values, and finally going to bat for me on negotiating the price. I never felt pressured or obligated. Thank you Kirk for making it a positive experience!

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