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how quickly a mortgage be approved and close?


Most possibly maybe.  How's that for an answer?  I have had customers on purchases that were approved and closed in under two weeks.  Is it possible? Yes. Is that the norm?  No.  Why is closing in 2 weeks so important to you?  And what troubles have you had with ING?  If they are being "difficult" requiring something that is a standard requirement, I hate to say it, but you will have to get past that hurdle with any lender who wants to sell the loan on the secondary market. So it can be done, but I would do my research before jumping ship midstream.

Refinancing - Paying 1/2 pt vs. 1 pt vs 2 points.


Over the past year, 1 point has typically lowered your rate about .25% for a fixed conventional or government loan.  Your best way to make this decision is to have a lender who will show you how much each option can cost or save you during the time you expect to be in your home.  Make YOUR choice based on how if affects YOUR money.  I hope this helps.   

Hello, im interested in purchasing a house and need to know how to get started.


The first step is to talk to a qualified mortgage professional to get preapproved.  During this talk, you'll discuss what you want from your home: how long you plan to live there, what your other financial goals are, and what your ideal monthly payment is. Who you choose to hire for your mortgage is a big choice.  Make sure you trust your lender professionally and personally.  Good luck and happy househunting!