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Home Elevator


We just finished adding an elevator into our house in SoCal. It's a $28K pneumatic with an additional $17K to finish off the shaft that was built into the house 15 years ago. The original contractor went bankrupt and the system was never finished, before now. The elevator runs really fast (four stops), quiet, and doesn't require an engine room. The other nice thing is since it's inside the confines of our home, it didn't require LA County or our HOA's approval. The big selling point was at the IHOP in Big Bear and hearing a kid looking through a local Real Estate magazine say, "Mom, this one even has an elevator!" We expect to get all our money back, when we sell, but really see it presently as a useful (groceries are now a breeze) tool and not something that is only a value increaser. You have to pay for and maintain an additional phone (elevator dail-out) line and have it all checked out once a year. See you at the top!

Home Depot

We have used Home Depot for upgrading multiple properties. Sometimes it works great but other times it's not done right, product (Cabinents, rugs, flooring, & appliances) arrives damaged, or measurements are wrong. You can't beat the prices, but we wonder if we are the only ones who have had these troubles?

Getting Data Right

We are fortunate enough to have four homes under the Zillow world. Of the four, two Zillow displays incorrect data. Recently we had the data fixed at the parcel level by two different individual counties in California. These updates never seem to get reflected under Zillow's database. What is the best way for data that has been fixed at a County's parcel level to be reflected under Zillow's information page?