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U.S. Army retired (28 years). Currently working as a department of defense civilian supporting the Marines on Okinawa (8 plus years). We already have a house in Texas which we paid off years ago and are just using it as a rental. Our good friends just bought their retirement home in Las Vegas and we're looking at the possibility of also retiring there. A restricted gated community for 55+ is a must. It's just me and the wife, so something in the area of 1200 to 2000 sq feet with 2-3 bedrooms. Ranch style, open floor plan; easy to maintain. Desert landscape is fine since I don't want to mow or water grass. Forget the pool or hot tub; high maintenance and we wouldn't use it much. With the price of houses being so low, there are a lot of good deals to be had. No big rush because in my opinion with all the foreclosures and empty houses on the market, folks still having upside down mortgages problems and making their mortgage payments with more defaults to follow it'll be years (not months) before the depressed housing market recovers. The AB284 is just a bandaid and not a cure; folks out there are still not making their payments, at the end they'll still default. Our friends will be keeping an eye out for possible house. We plan on being in the Last Vegas area for a week or so after the beginning of the year to check things out ourselves and possibly make an offer once we find something we like. In the meantime I continue to check and update my favorite house listing and ask questions.

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