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Kristin Acker wrote:

How can I find the percent recouped costs of other home improvment projects?

This is always a tough one to answer because the real number depends a lot on the condition of the home before you started, the neighboring homes etc. I haven't seen anything better than the cost vs. value report which you found. I'd love to know if other people have found the info somewhere else. Sorry I can't be more help.Kristin
October 08 2010

Can I go in and look at my favorites, and then only see those on the map?

Hi Ashley,No, unfortunately we haven't built that feature yet. It's a great idea, though and is on our list of things we hope to get to soonish.Kristin
October 04 2010

Issue with "Cable/satelite TV-ready" line under "Home Facts" section

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Hi ProDirot,I just updated your current listing to make it show cable/satellite ready: Yes. That fact is actually under the Edit menu | Edit Listing Facts and then Utilities. Not the other facts. We need to figure out how to make that clearer. And yes, you're right, it is misspelled. We'll add it to the list of things to fix around here.  Hope you're all set.Kristin
September 23 2010

Make notes visible in Favorites Listing

Hi Ron, The notes should be visible in your favorites. I just pretended to be you and I can see one for the home with address starting with 8429. It says My Notes:Test.The sorting suggestions (by date saved to favorites and by lot size) are good suggestions and we'll add them to the list of things to do. Please let me know if you can't see your notes in My Favorites. Hope that helps.Kristin
September 01 2010

The Flash charts for individual homes does not work in Firefox 3.6.8 in Windows 7. XP works though.

Hi,  we will take a look and see what's happening. In the interim, I believe our charts work on Firefox on Windows 7  (free download at Hope that helps.Kristin
August 19 2010

Is it possible to bring the old chart back?

Sorry I never got back to reply to this. It has been fixed now. You can select the year-on-year change on the chart module on any home details page where we have a Zestimate now. Hope that helps.Kristin
August 17 2010

Uploaded pictures not showing up on the web. Whats the fix?

Hi Jen,Only the listing agent can upload "current" pictures on an active listing. We had various problems in the past with old pictures on listings. Pictures uploaded by other people are put in the "Archive" which you can get to by:1. Going to the home details page: Clicking "Larger" below the one picture3. On the left side, clicking the dropdown list that says "Current" and picking "Archive"You actually found a bug in our iPhone app that you can see them there. You will need to ask Christine Chiaro to upload those pictures to the listing feed we get from ReMax.Hope that explains it. Kristin
August 12 2010


Hi Partricia, We seem to have limited home value/home data coverage for the larger buildings on Livingston Ave in New Brunswick. You can start your search here and move the map to either end to see the coverage we do have. Assuming we don't have the specific property you are interested in, , you may need to try to look at comparable homes in the area we do have values for (look for gray house icons) to come up with an estimate on your own. Hope that explains it.Kristin
August 11 2010

Why doesn't Zillow allow a person's location to be visible upfront?

Thanks for the suggestion Debbie. The popup profile "bubbles" are due for an overhaul. Hoping to get to that before the end of the year. Some other projects have to come first, I'm afraid.Wish I had a magic wand.Kristin
August 03 2010

Are links to FSBO listings no longer appearing on their profile page?

Hi Rockinblu,(Sorry, originally mis-posted before as someone else.)We are supposed to avoid linking profiles to owned homes. It was a bug that FSBO and MMM homes were linked for a while. We just fixed it recently. I'm sorry this makes you less efficient at helping people, but we want to err on the side of privacy. I know, these people are selling their homes. They can put their contact information on the listing itself.I  know there will be more give and take, but hopefully, if you ask them for an address, they can provide it to you and you can help them then. Hope that explains it. Kristin
July 26 2010