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Are open houses really a thing of the past?


I have been having some great open houses lately, they are definitely not a thing of the past! One thing I like to do is to highlight the features of the house... For example... if the house has a gourmet kitchen, ask the seller if you can host a cooking class in their kitchen to promote that specific feature of the house!

Can't see a house w/out an offer first?


One thing I always tell my clients... "A house that doesn't show, doesn't sell"!   But depending on the market and the region, I have seen that before.

Do you think it is alright for folks to do "drive bys"?


I always recommend to my clients to do a "drive by" to see if they are even interested in a property, it's always helps my narrow down my search for the client and find them what they are looking for. It's saves everyone a little time. :0)