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Will this hurt your credit?


It really depends.  If you are currently current on your mortgage payments and the bank is willing to work with you to get your loan modify, than NO, your credit won't be hurt. The challenge is in order to qualify for a Loan Mod, you have to prove that you are in financial hardship.   Hope this helps.  GL

can i qualify for a mortgage with credit scores of range 620-659?


That credit score is fine.  It'll have to depend on the rest of your report and your income and job history.  Check with a good Loan Officer and they will be able to help you out.  If you would like me to refer you one. Feel free to email me.Hope that helps. Thanks

Don't miss out! Best time ever in the history of Real Estate to buy!


Angie,I totally agree with your comment.  Imagine buying up all the properties you can in today's market.  Let's say in San Bernardino CA.  You can pick up homes anywhere from $50k-$80k.  These homes were once $200K during the peak.  And throughout history there have always been new highs in real estate.  10-20 years from now, those that buy will look like geniuses.  People will ask them, how did you know?  =)I know that I'll be hearing that question often. 

How much should I pay for a CMA?


Most agents will provide you with a CMA for FREE.  It's our job to provide potential clients with valuable info that can help them make a decision.  In doing so, the agent will look to earn your business.  =)  Let me know if I can support you with that.