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Does anyone know how to get a loan modification when you are not in default?Thanks, Jane


YES , you can call your lender, ask them what they need from you. Sometimes they dont give it much attention or take you to seriously when you are not behind. Keep bugging themYOU should also call the hope program ask for their home, i can do prequal through a licensed Loan Mod company. I always advise my clients to try it themselves, and to contact profesional thats LICENSED to do loan modsGood luck[content removed by moderator for being self promotional]

American Home Mortgage RAISED the mortgage payment $600 for home owner that was behind in PAYMENTS

Can you believe this? AND they say they want to help people, I thought the presidents plan was to LOWER the payments help people keep their homes, IT SEEMS AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE WANTS TO FORECLOSE . American Home Mortgage advised NOT to use a Loan Modification COmpany so the HOME OWNER took their advice and wound up Screwed, the mortgagte compay RAISED THE MORTGAGE PAYMENT ALMOST $600, whats the point in a loan modification for someone having problems making the payment when it was $600 less ? IT SOUNDS LIKE THE BANKS WANTING TO MAKE THE MARKET EVEN WORSE. HOME value $105,000 LOAN BAL $325,000 foreclosure brings value down or KEEPING HOME and lowering payment prevents foreclosure, SO NEXT HOME will comp even lower in the neghborhood, SO NO WONDER banks are going out of business.   I just cant beleive the horror stories IM hearing every day. THE BANK LOSES MORE B Y foreclosure, what can be done in situation like this when its probably to late?