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04/11/2013 - user15437826
Showed home in 2012 in Lakewood, Village of Lakewood, IL 60014.

The volume of listings in town, positive online reviews, and a good up front pitch from Tyler and his "cooperative" concept of real estate pros sold me on using him to hunt for a property for my family. In reality, Tyler's connections and strategies for buying short sales turned out to be talk. Once a property was identified (one of Tyler's own listings) we were assured that we should have patience waiting out the short sale process. We waited months after the seller accepted our offer only to find out that Tyler's group assisted the seller in using our bid as a catalyst for a preferred client of his to make a higher offer than ours. Tyler used the ambiguity of the short sale process, which requires the bank to sign before a contract is fully binding, and never submitted our offer to the bank so he could benefit another client. We lost the house, time, and money. I was surprised that the confidentiality of our offer was compromised and at the level of dishonesty.

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Response from Tyler on 05/06/2013

Short sales in this market create hard feelings on many fronts and even with the best intentions people often feel unsatisfied. It's a really hard thing for us to balance and we do our best to navigate the emotions and the sometimes unbelievable process with respect for all involved. The details here we are unfamiliar with, however have contacted this poster directly to attempt to seek and understand what really happened. We don't have "preferred" clients per say and certainly as it relates to short sales we don't ever hold out one hoping for another. they are so hard to get approved, to us the entire focus is on bank approval and we wouldn't jepordize that process to get a different contract in place. Sometimes much more is happening that everyone is aware of with these properties and it can look and feel different than it really is! We're so sorry for this posters experience and wish them the best!



01/25/2013 - user7019741
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in Crystal Lake, IL.

We sold a home and bought a home with Tyler and he was amazing. Tyler embodies the phrase "he gets it". Tyler can size up an opportunity for any property, buying or selling to get it done. Creative, fun and very smart, he's getting our next listing.

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06/30/2012 - Nrjyzd1
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Village Of Lakewood, IL.

All was wonderful at the start of the process, beautiful home, allegedly motivated sellers, short sale was aranged with bank, process should be short and simple. Tyler said make your offer and make sure your prepared to go the distance, we were as he stated it would be 90 to no more than 120 days. In writing.

Well 194 days later we learn the package never made it to the bank for review unitil over 4 months after we submitted our offer. We were told numerous times the bank had the package during that 4 month period of time. We were grossly misled.

When we pushed the issue trying to get answers we were ultimately advised by Tyler we probably should walk away from the deal. Nearly 200 days, lots of misrepresentation and thousands of dollars spent with rentals and multiple moves due to these misrepresentations we were forced to cancel the deal and move on.

We listened to and believed what we were being told from the start of the listing. We even had it in writing, we later learned the real truth of the situation. No one can understand the shear frustration and disappointment we felt in learning the truth after all the misrepresentations we received.

We took the time to review Keller Williams and Tylers practice.. With such a great reputation, excellent reviews, and a reported short sale expert we were very shocked and disappointed to have been treated like this from what we thought to be a respected real estate professional.

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03/23/2011 - Kelly Davis
Bought a home in 2010 in Lakewood, Village of Lakewood, IL 60014.

Tyler helped us find an AMAZING deal on our house last year. His knowledge of the area and creative purchasing ideas far surpassed our expectations! We will be taking advantage of his investment knowledge too as we start growing our income property portfolio.

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03/08/2011 - stheil
Sold a home in 2004.

I have had numerous dealings with Tyler since 2004. His knowledge of the local market is a 10 out of 5, I consider him Mr. Crystal Lake. Tyler is a master negotiator who will alway's give you 110% to get the "deal" done. Tyler is a true professional and a pleasure to deal with!

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