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I own 513 Iowa Dr. 94402. It is 2610 sq. ft. not 2110. 30 yrs. ago..500 sq. ft. add on.


Zillow pulls county record information.  It is likely that the addition was not updated by the county.  Oftentimes, the city will have the permits and documentation and then it is not properly communicated to the county.  What I would recommend is for you to contact the county and see what they will need to make the correction.  They will probably have you provide the file from the City of San Mateo in order to make the correction.  I hope this is helpful!

what's my home worth


Are you still wondering what your home in San Mateo Park is worth?  We would be happy to stop by your property, take a look at the interior and provide you with relevant comparables and statistics that will help determine the approximate value of your home.  Please let us know how we can help.