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Landmark Real Estate Management, LLC is a progressive company with more than 16 years of commercial, condo and residential property management and maintenance experience. As Whatcom and Skagit County's largest property management company, and with an unrivaled reputation for efficiency and expertise, Landmark manages over 450,000 sq. ft. of commercial property and more than 3,000 residential units throughout the Northwest.With our wealth of knowledge, experience, dedication and passion, Landmark will provide you with a comprehensive package of integrated property management and real estate services that are tailored to suit your individual requirements. Let us show you how our team of specialists can make the difference between a good investment and just another building in need of tenants to fill it.
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05/30/2014 - NicoleStacey
We connected, but it did not work out.
While having a conversation with one of the property assistants about a property I was interested in another property manager from another desk behind her kept talking over her trying to convince me to come see a property she was showing. I agreed to be honest just to get her to stop, she was very loud and not very polite. On the day of the showing she showed up 15 minutes late and forgot the keys. Once she returned over 20 minutes later we finally got to see what all the hype was about. It was a decent property. The neighbors seemed very nice. However all of our questions were met with the same response. "I don't know that is not my job! " We didn't ask anything crazy just questions like, how is the noise through the walls are there a lot of complaints? Would they be fixing the broken shower facets before new tenants moved in? They were slightly broken. She seemed to be offended by our questions and we got the feeling we were inconveniencing her, which is strange since she practically begged us to look at the place. We opted to not take the property not because of the property but the overall experience with this business. There website seems to be not functioning offten. It's very hard to reach anyone by phone. I wish I had more positive things to say but unfortunately this was one of the less dramatic experiences dealing with landmark that we had. Good luck to those who have to work with them, Sincerely. I would like to say that 2 of there employees Riley and Rosie very kind and polite and always happy to answer questions.  MoreLess
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Landmark Real Estate
Landmark Real Estate Management
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