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Born and raised in the Ukraine, Proud citizen of the USA for 18 years.
I know how it feels to move or relocate! I have been in Real Estate for 8 years now and I have an in-depth Marketing Plan for the Selling of your Home and getting it SOLD! I am active Sales associate in Oklahoma and Kansas. I've been productive with both listings and sales. This creates the excitement for me to generate the desire to do it more. My service commitment to you is to provide the finest service in finding your dream home, and make its transaction pleasant as possible. Call me!
My Cell: (918) 906-7814 Email:

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08/14/2011 - Barbara Reeves
Sold a home in 2011.

To Whom It May Concern,

The real estate market has changed alot during the last two decades. Gone are the days when selling or seeking a home yielded few choices in property or realtors. These changes have in fact changed the face of real estate in many other critical issues. Some are positive while others are negative. Financing, negotiations, competence and trust issues are among some of key elements in today’s real estate market. In the last decade, I have bought and sold four homes. I'm in the process of doing so again. One of the key factors in keeping up in today’s market begins with the selection of a realtor. My last two moves and searches have involved one realtor who stands out above all the rest—Larisa Sarntee. Almost three years ago, I listed my home with a different realtor and met Mrs. Sarntee when she found a buyer to purchase our home. It was not hard to notice the kind of energy Larisa brought into the transaction for her client. It became very evident that my realtor was incompetent when I saw the kind of effort she put forth to insure that her client received the very best representation. The energy she put forth was more in line with what one might expect of a close relative. She certainly was not one to sit on the sidelines or take the wait and see approach. Mrs. Sarntee maintained professionalism and courtesy at all times. When we were seeking to relocate again, I contacted Mrs. Sarntee regarding a property that she had listed. She certainly had maintained her drive and willingness to work and go the extra mile for both seller and buyer. Past experiences with other realtors have shown me that she is certainly a rare commodity in the real estate market. She is willing to go the distance and leave no stone unturned. One recent experience reveals a stark contrast in the quality of performances between realtors. We had sold and began searching for a home, we visited an open house. The realtor was seated in a large chair watching the big screen tv and stayed there during the entire visit. We told him our situation with a cash sale and closing looming. Our purchase would be cash as well. He told us that his client had relocated and was in a rental situation until their property could be sold. He also told us to be sure and sign the sheet so that he could prove that he was working. Then he returned to the big screen. No other contact or effort was initiated. I was certainly glad I was not his client. Mrs. Sarntee listed a property we were interested in seeing. She promptly called me back and offered details and wanted to show the property but we had determined to go another route and I declined again. When our plans changed, I contacted Mrs. Sarntee to tell her we would like to see the property and she enthusiastically agreed to show it at our convenience. I realized we had met before when she acted on behalf of the buyer for my home. I can attest to the fact that Larisa Sarntee is a realtor who puts her best efforts forth whether the client is a buyer or seller. The client can be confident in the fact that she can be trusted to promote their best interest and is willing to work!  More Less 

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