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08/10/2013 - user1931181
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Canadaville, TN 38028

Made an apt to look at a house at 2977 Collierville Arlington N, Eads, TN 38028. Agent (Alexa) called Friday afternoon to cancel Sat Appt. Called me Thursday to reschedule for following Sat at 4pm. Called back 5 min later to reschedule for 12:00. I showed up to the house at 11:45, the house is boarded up, windows are broken, inside of the house has smashed doors, garbage all over the yard (old garbage, not new) and the agent didn't even bother to show up or even call me. Waited almost an hour. I live 7 hours away from here. Thank you SO much for wasting my entire day on a broken down, uninhabitable house, and a no show agent.  More Less 

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02/06/2013 - user4630291
Property managed a home I own. Lenow, TN 38016

Larry is able and willing to represent my interest well. He knows the market in the Memphis area very well. He just calls it the way it is. He also gives me a lot of room to operate never giving me pressure to make a decision. He is not interested in making a quick profit but interested in building up repoire with his customers. Partnership with Larry saves me tons of unnecessary headache.  More Less 

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