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09/26/2012 - user4700449
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 in Naples, FL.

Laura helped me with all the problems with Bank of America and a very uncooperative Ex wife to complete the sale of my home. She stuck with it for MONTHS finding the right buyer and getting all the support needed to close the deal. When it came to closing, everything went smoothly as a result of her effort and attention to detail. She even got my next door neighbor out of a tight spot with the sale of his home. We actually became friends through it all.

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Response from Laura on 10/24/2012

Neil, I am so happy you were able to move on with your life and get settled near your family. Being stuck in an unside down mortgage was weighing heavy on you. Now you can rebuild your finances and spend your energy in productive ways. I was very happy to help you with your Short Sale, and agree you have become a good friend.



06/17/2012 - Curt & Kelly
Bought a home in 2012.

We are hoping to make an offer on a home tomorrow all with Laura's help and knowledge! Without her, we wouldnt know what we were eligible for, what homes were the ones that were the best fit, etc. Im thrilled to have found her! Thank you so much Laura and you always answer, even at six pm on saturday and sunday nights. Thats above and beyond if I ever saw it!

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01/11/2012 - Regina Stuckey
Bought a home in 2012.

Laura is the BEST!!! We are so grateful to have Laura Novosad as our real estate agent. Her knowledge of the process involved with buying a home seems to be second nature to her. When we decided to start looking for a home, Laura immediately sent me a list of potential places in our price range and desired area. I felt like I had to see every place available. Laura took me to every one of them and sometimes more than once or twice. She also has a vast knowledge of home construction. Laura could tell me what it would take to fix certain construction issues and even pointed out issues I would have never noticed. We chose a home that is a short sale. I've heard that short sales can be a real pain but Laura really guided us through it. She made sure we had all the right paper work for our bank and the seller’s bank. The I's and T's were dotted and crossed twiced. Laura really stayed on top of all the details and party’s involved. I don’t think she takes a day off!!! Making a sale seemed to be her second priority and our best interest her first. Laura is more than just a real estate agent; she’s a real estate guardian.

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Response from Laura on 01/13/2012

Regina, you are a wonderful client, who is beautiful both inside and out. Thank you for the kind words. I really enjoy working with young people like you and experiencing your joy when you found that perfect home. I am in the business of helping people. Often agents forget that we are a service based field, and I want to give the best that I can. I am so pleased to have the opportunity to help you and Michael, thank you for having such faith in me. :)



01/10/2012 - akako
Bought a home in 2011.

Laura has incredible energy and stick-to-it-tiveness. She sincerely want to help her clients with their real estate needs (and almost everything else to!)

I have been looking at homes for over a year now, but every time I thought I was ready to buy I had a set back with the sale of my home, or I needed to change my preferred location or I changed my mind about what was most important. Laura and I have enjoyed every minute of the search and she never got perturbed when I didn't buy. I am under contract now, so here's hoping I am through looking, but I plan to keep Laura and her laughter in my life.

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Response from Laura on 01/20/2012

As everyone knows this can be a busineess where patience is very important. We are subject to many market conditions and personal life issues, that effect each transation. As long as you stay focused on helping people meet their goals, you are doing your job. When you connect with your clients, the way I have connected with you, it truely makes the job easy. It has been a winning experience working with you, as I have made a great new friend!