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Why is Castaways Newport Beach, CA 92660 so cheap?


Hi,   I am a former Castaway home owner and real estate agent.   There has been a number of short sales in the Castaways over the last year in aa half which has brought prices down.   With that being said,   the neighborhood still is holding its value quite well.   One reason that the per square foot price is so much lower than other family newer neighborhoods like One Ford Road, Bonita Canyon is that there are no community amenities like pool,clubhouse, etc.   There is a wonderful park outside and beautiful running trails.   It truly is a wonderful community with wonderful people.   Let me know if you have any more questions.

Are there any good deals in southern California if so which cities


There are great deals all over So. Cal.   I primarily work in Newport Beach and all the coastal communities in So Cal have come down at least 30 percent since the height of the market. Other cities inland have come down as much as up to 50 percent.  There are REO's and Short Sales and distressed sellers all over the MLS.   This is also a great time to buy, since sales decrease from Sept-Feb. and a lot of sellers are anxious to sell.  I would suggest finding a specialist in the area you are looking.

Help! My husband and I each own a house and would like to sell both to buy one. No one is buying!


There are several reasons why your homes may not be selling.  Obviously, it needs to be priced right in this market.  The buyers are very saavy and always seem to be looking for a deal.  Also, make sure your home is in tip top condition.  Declutter as much as possible, people like to view themselves living in a home and it is hard to do that with a lot of stuff around.  Sometimes just doing a few minor adjustments make a huge difference.  Good luck!