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The truth is that your lender sucks!  The question you should be asking is......who referred you to this lender?Prosperity Mortgage is my preferred lender and they do a great job.  Never had this type of run around your getting.  I would guess you used a local bank, internet lender or Suntrust / Bank of America all of which seem to do a pretty horrible job with time lines and promises in my opinion!Try Prosperity Mortgage or Wells Fargo as they are the best I have seen.Lee newcomb -[phone removed by Zillow moderator]
July 06 2012

Refinancing underwater mortgage

If your loan is owned by Fannie Mae then you should qualify to refi under HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) assuming you meet the basic qualifications such as income and credit.  The new 2.0 version which came out a couple months ago allows you to refi no matter what the value is compared to the loan.  If you have any other questions just give me a call [phone removed by Zillow moderator]
July 06 2012