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I am interested in knowing what the selling value of my home would be?


Hello Jean,I would be glad to speak to you about your home and provide a summery report of what your homes value may be in today moving market please contact me directly [Contact information has been removed by the Zillow Moderator. See our Good Neighbor Policy for details.] so I can gather some more information and answer your questions.

Help finding a experienced realtor with REO/Bank owned homes


Hi, my name is Leo Albanes and I am a broker at Charlotte County properties Inc. in Punta Gorda Florida I do service the REO/foreclosure business in Northport Florida please contact me directly at 941-626-9000 so I can answer any of your questionsand assist you with your real estate endeavors.

why doesnt my FOR SALE or Pictures show up on zillow


I don't know why your listing is not showing up.Contact the person you paid a fee to and have them input the data needed to have your home listed. If you would like to speak to a professional who can get you maximum exposure for your home contact me directly at (941) 626-9000.

what isa make me move?


Hello Geoff,Basically this is where you put your rock bottom price for your home.You set the price of what it would take to make you sell and move.

How can I find a Listings Activity Report

I am interested in showing my seller search results for his listing.Data to include:How many search result views has listing received.?How many clicks for more details listing has received and accumulated?

Accuracy of zestimate


Hello Ovation 766,To answer your question. No!  Zestimate Data is not all taken from just local Realtors.Click on link below to see how zillow Zestimates your home. are a lot of factors that take part in a fair evaluation of your home.While Zillow gives you a good indication of a ballpark price for your home.Their is no substitute for local accurate data directly from Local MLS Board. Zillow is crunching data for North America, while local MLS Boards working with it's Realtor members, have accurate data on homes within their community. My advise is to search for a local Realtor in your community who is a member of the Local MLS Board and is a licenced Realtor. They should be able to provide you with a more accurate value for your home than Zillow can. Zillow is used by homeowners and Realtors and data between them is as accurate as possable, but a Realtor working for you can give you your most accurate answer.Please contact me if you have any further questions. If you live in the Charlotte County Area I would be glad to discuss your homes value with you. Contact me by phone, email or text and I will respond ASAP.Thank you for your question have a great Evening