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Is this condo financeable? (is that a word ha) Considered warrantable?

Hi I have a condo in Imperial beach coming for sale. If you see my profile you'll know which one it is. Two units on one lot. Both investor owned. Can I finance this with anything other than private $? Any help is appreciated!-Leo

Where do I find unbiased real estate advice?


Hello I would start by talking to a Realtor in your area who is reputable and has great reviews. If I were you I would ask the following:1. What is the market value of my home?Then I would tell you to ask yourself:1. Do you need to sell?2. What does the home currently rent for?3. Is the cash flow of the rental worth the trouble of keeping it?4. What would you do with the proceeds from the sale?If you are interested in an unbias opinion you may message me through my profile. Best of Luck!

Is Cimarron Escrow HUD Division Is Terrible?

Did anyone else have this experience? They don't answer their phones don't respond to emails during or after the transaction. Luckily it was an all cash transaction. We closed on a transaction almost 2 months ago and we still have not gotten paid. We've been on hold for hours sometimes with now anser. Im usually not a complainer, I only go to yelp if I had an amazing experience somewhere and I feel the need to share it with others. Anybody else have this experience. Can anyone from Cimarron HUD division explain themselves?

I'm looking for an agent as I'm selling my home located in San Diego. What are the best rates I shou


Hello it depends on the location of home and a few other factors. A good agent with great marketing charges 5-6% of the sales price. Dont sell yourself short, any agent can put your home on the mls but a good agent will have the tools to give you maximum exposure! I would love to interview for the listing to see if i might be a good fit for you. Please contact me directly through my zillow profile. I look forward to hearing from you. -Leo Gonzalez

Sellers not in the multiple listing service


Yes this is true. There are some agents that are unethical. I saw a listing the other day that was a short sale which I thought could have been a break even regular sale.I agree with wetdawgs.

Has anyone Used Featured CMA solution?


Thank you for responding. Yes I am referring to agents that paid for the service. Did you get any business from it? Why was it misleading? Any further input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.