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We added a patio to our backyard this summer. Did we add any value?


I think that, barring the furniture (which I assume you would take with you if you sold the home) I would think that you would, at the very least, break even with your investment.  I tell my clients that if it comes down to a house for the same price and one has a patio and the other does not, often times the house with the patio will be the one to get the offer.Enjoy the patio and keep it power washed and in good repair and I am confident you will see that it will be an asset when it comes time to sell.  Also, be careful not to over clutter the space!

Does putting a fence on your property, increase the value?


Fences, like most improvements, are only valuable to those who desire them.  Fences that create privacy, security or will be used by a new owner to keep children and pets safe, will always add value, as long as they are in keeping with the architectural style of the home and neighborhood.Obviously, a chain link Sears fence in a high end neighborhood will not add value.  A black iron fence on a Salt Box Colonial is also not a good choice.  I think that a quality privacy fence that is in keeping with others in the nieghborhood will always increase value. A "site built" fence is usually of higher quality and your contractor should use nails or screws and the posts should be anchored in cement for best results.  Often times the inexpensive 6x 6panels bought at a home improvement store are prone to warpage and are most often assembled by being stapled together.  The result is an inferior fence that does not last more then a few years at most.  Hope this helps!