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Linda's Rentals And Sales
is a family owned business
located in the heartof Beverly, MA.

 Broker/Owner Linda Sciaraffais a Certified Rental/Sales Agent,

specializing in residential and commercial rentals/sales, as well as

property management.  Coming from a long line of realtors, she

knows how the realty business works.  Linda is very committed to
the real estate industry and continues to offer you the best

service on the NorthShore by attending real estate

and advanced training classes.

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About LindasRentalsAndSale: <p align="center"><em><font><font>Linda's Rentals And Sales</font><font><br/>&nbsp;<br/></font><font>is a family owned business</font><br/></font> <font><font><font><em>located in the heart</em></font><font><em>of Beverly, MA.</em></font></font></font></em></p><p align="center">&nbsp;<font><font><em>Broker/Owner <strong>Linda Sciaraffa</strong></em></font></font><font><font><em><font>is a</font></em></font></font> <em>Certified Rental/Sales Agent,</em></p><p align="center"><font><em>specializing in residential and commercial rentals/sales, as well as<br/></em></font></p><p align="center"><font><em>property management.</em><em>&nbsp; Coming from a long line</em> <em>of realtors, she<br/></em></font></p><p align="center"><font><em>knows how the realty business works.&nbsp; Linda is very committed to<br/>&nbsp;<br/></em></font> <em>the</em> <font><em>real estate industry and continues to offer you the best<br/><br/> possible</em></font> <font><em>service on the NorthShore by attending real estate<br/><br/> seminars</em></font> <font><em>and advanced training classes.<br/><br/></em></font><font><br/></font></p>

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