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for-sale-by-owners are so delusional


NO! they do not-   they are trying to sell their home for what they owe- or what they think the home is worth -  they can ask anything they want- and even if they get a full offer-  the chance they can get an appraisal in that high is slim to none!

What is a reasonable response time from our realtor for our questions about our home sale/showing?


If your agent wasn't the one that showed your property- it sometimes can take days to get a responce from the agent that did show it-  but you really should get a phone call back within a few hours ALWAYS- Most people can email or at the very least text from their phones- so even if they are busy- it only take a few moments to respond- you can always let your agent know your feedback expectations-  hope things get better- best of luck selling your home!

How much earnest money down?


In KY- I see as little as $250- but ask my clients to offer a at least $500- you want to sellers to know you are serious- so more is always better (and I think it keeps my buyers from backing out when they have more money on the line.

How do I place a offer/bid on a home listed on your site?


call any of the agents listed on Zillo as buyers agents in  your area- or get the name and number of a good one from friends or family- but get someone to help you.  Any Realtor can get you information on the home you are interested in- as well as any property disclosures that have been provided by the seller- they can help you make a fair offer, and get you through inspections, appraisals, and financing-  Good luck!