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Two Agents? proper protocol?

What is considered fair and ethical by the real estate community, is that yyou keep in mind when you are using a realtor's time, that time is not free, so try not to call upon agents willy nilly.    Seek out a good agent, commit yourself to work with them, and don't just call the listing agent every other time you want to see a place.This way, you will end up working with someone who constantly has your needs in mind, you are likely to develop a professional relationship that will target and meet your goals in finding a home, and you won't waste a variety of agents time in the process.People sometimes think that if they remain a "free agent" in other words committed to work with no agent, that they have the most flexibility.  But you won't have the best service, your search for a home will not be optimized, and you will encounter agents who don't want to spend much time with you because they sense that they might be wasting their time.
December 22 2011