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06/23/2014 - zuser20140623103329098
Found a tenant for a home.

Liza is a great real estate broker. I have had a great experience with her. She handled my request very professionally. she is one of the best brokers I have ever hired. I highly recommend her to others.

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09/07/2013 - user57582172
Listed, but didn't sell my home in 2009.

Liza got me the highest bid when I lived in Great Neck. She explained that it would probably be the best and prices were going to drop. I thought my home was worth more and I wasn't sure where I would go. She also explained that the people bidding on my home loved my taste and would probably wanted to purchas a lot of the furniture and decorations, however I dropped the ball and didn't listen to her. I sold the house a year later for much less money.

By the way I was well known in the real estate market as I had purchased and sold many homes over a span of twent three years and therefore knew many real estate brokers; however I chose to give the listing to Liza, who was virtually a stranger to me. She was a stranger as I had never met her before; yet after speaking to her for a few minutes, I had a gut feeling she was genuine, hardworking, sincere, and a beautiful person inside and out!

With all that said, Liza never pressured me or came off anything less than polite, cheerful, and nice. I think back to that time when she gave me that best bid and I will always regret not letting Liza DiMarco make the commission she so well deserved.

Liza DiMarco is a class act and I'm really glad I'm getting the opportunity to tell not only the people who are reading this but I never had the chance to tell Liza exactly how I felt about her as a broker and a person. I hope Liza will read this because I only can write what I really feel and I want her to know all that I have stated because it is 100% true. Good luck Liza!

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Response from Liza on 09/09/2013

Lorna, This is so heart felt and sweet. I still have tears in my eyes. I work hard to treat all my clients like my family and I really love my family. Thus I cannot be anything more than open, honest, ethical and kind. Some times I must have those "tough talks" but always out of the effort to assist my clients to make the correct decision. It was unfortunate that I had moved before you went back onto the market. I would have loved to have sold that beautiful home! Thank you again! Liza



09/07/2013 - user79083837
Helped me rent a home.

We recently arrived in Los Angeles and did not know the city well nor the best areas to live in. Liza was extremely knowledgeable of the city and took us around to several communities until we found exactly what we were looking for. Her patience and professionalism were a welcome breath of fresh air. She loves what she does and it shows !

Linda M.

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Response from Liza on 09/09/2013

Thanks Linda! You and Jim were great too! I enjoyed each moment!