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How do I let Zillow know there will be an Open House on my property? OH is on 1/11/09 from 1-4 PM


First you have to say it is for sale (as either the owner or the agent) and in the process of saying it is for sale, you can specifiy open house times.You can say it is for sale by going to the "Home" tab, and clicking "Posting Home for Sale".  Or you can go to you home, and click "Tell us it is for Sale".

New message format


Yes, the site is always a work in progress.  Would love to hear specific suggestions on how we should improve the UI for the Advice section.

Multiple charges to my credit card!


Kevin, sorry about this.  Let us look into it and we will get back to you.  Rest assured, we will make sure that in the end, you are only charged $25 to your account for your signup.