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Lloyd Frink wrote:

What does it mean when it says no sale history is available?

Yes, the Zillow records only go back 3 - 10 years. Sometimes you can get more detailed information on a specific property at the county assessor/recorder web site. However, I couldn't find much more at the San Francisco County web site on this property - the main web site is and the specific link for information on this property is
May 17 2007
Do you have any pictures of the house?
Looks to be in a fantastic location.
May 12 2007

how do i edit home facts

I see that you have edited your home facts and posted an owners estimate. In an upcoming release (later this year) the Zestimate will also take into account the owner's edited home facts.
April 20 2007
This address is also 817 Lake Washington Blvd S
34th Ave E is the same street as Lake Washington Blvd S
April 15 2007
Do you have any pictures of this home you could upload?
Would be helpful to get a better idea of the home.
April 09 2007
Looks like a fantstic location, any plans to add a pool?
Seems this would be a great addition for the summer months.
April 08 2007