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Can we fire our buyers agent?


In my state, 90% of buyers hire a real estate attorney whose job is to make sure that both the contract and post-contract negotiations are handled in a timely and professional manner. It seems to me that you would be able to avoid the trouble if the communications between both parties were handled by an experienced and dedicated real estate attorney. There is always time to hire one...

What's smart


If the property is in acceptable (to your lender) condition and you can document a solid income over the last 2 years and if have a decent credit score, you should be able to purchase a home with only 3.5% down and up to 6% of the purchase price going to cover your closing costs (if negotiated that way). Is that a bit of a stretch - you bet. But it can be done. BTW, I would not trust Zillow's automatic valuation too much. After all, this is just a computer-generated number. The market value is determined by humans.

Transportation and other facilities in this neighbourhood


This neighborhood is a typical Chicago mix of older home owners, European immigrants and newer waive Latino population. CTA buses are frequent and basically you can shop within just few city blocks from where you live.

What happened to: 189 N Elm Ave,Elmhurst ,IL


I used to be the listing agent of this home back in 2006 when it was for sale by the original owner. Last December it sold for $397,000. Just 12 days on the market. As you can see, good deals sell fast! See more of them at

Garage Conversion's impact on home value?


Hi, I believe that having a 2-car garage is a benefit more people can appreciate. Remember - extra playroom would be only a benefit for people with kids. All others would probably prefer a 2-car garage instead. A lot of people park only one car and use the remaining space as extra storage. Last but not least - should you ever consider selling your house, having a larger garage (than most of the competition) would surely help you sell it quicker if not for more money!