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Master bathroom remodel


In San Antonio, three out of every four baths convert from tub to shower only - it is the trend here.  On the low end you can have a curb built end to end and put sliding glass doors (or shower curtain). On the high end you can have a 3' to 4' tiled wall (or full wall) and doorway built - Glass from wall to ceiling and swinging glass door.  Many people are opting for a niche to hold their shampoos, a corner shelf (upper to hold soap and lower to put foot for shaving).  The bench seat is also becoming very popular. Vanities over the sink are out.  Replace with over the mirror lighting.  For wall to wall glass mirror, we suggest it be framed with base/door trim and painted (high end use wood picture framing). Recessed lighting is in....also look for recessed lighting with vent (very popular).